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HELP!!!!I was behind on my HOA dues. I made a payment arangement w/ my HOA manager that I will make 2 payments inorder for me to get current. They got my first $seventy five ok but they got my 2nd one 8 days late from our agreement.

My HOA send my account to collection and charged me to pay $six hundred. I disputed the amount w/ Allied and told them that I will write a letter to my HOA board and ask them to drop the case.

HOA cashed both of my checks and they still want me to pay $600. HOA manager said they will talked about this but technically once they sent me to collection, it's all up to Collection Agency. I explained to her that It took me forever to pay the last $seventy five because I am having finacial crisis, now they want me to pay an additional $six hund.

It's ok if I really did not send anything. I was 8 days late and they cashed the check.

Allied Trustee keeps calling me at work. I told them that I am still disputing it and HOA manager promised me that she will talk to HOA Board about it.

I keep calling my HOA, no reponse. Allied Trustee keeps on leaving me treaths that they will foreclose my house and they raise the charge from $six hun to $eighteen hun.

I kept calling HOA, sent them numerous emails but keep telling me that board will meet on Jan 2nd. I called Allied and told them to hold on because I am waiting for Boards decision. They were rude.

Yesterday, I got a Forclosure notice and a 90 day to respond and pay $thirteen hun or they will take my house away. They advise me to get a lawyer .

What should I do. Please, please I need your advise.

don't listen to what anybody on this board is telling you. HOA dues have nothing to do with a Governmernt Assisted Loan, like HUD or FHA.... The HOA has part ownership in your property and YES they can foreclose on you, they aren't joking. You need to pay the dues and see if you get set up on a payment plan with the Trustee. Let them know you are willing to make payments but can't pay in full...

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