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Not only did this firm threaten to jail me if I did not pay on a debt after not sending a statement, they garnished my primary checking account. Is this legal?

call a consumer lawyer - try debt defense erik kardatzke 305 444 4323 leo bueno 305 569 5620 or scott owens 954 923 3801; you can sue a debt collector for suing on a debt barred by the statute of limitations

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I have been trying to get a hold of these people for about 11 months now. I receivd court documents from this "law" office from a police officer, called and requested complete details of the total balance due from my Capitol One Credit Card that I had in 2001. They were all over me to Pay Now to avoid big penalties, big scam. I received all of the documents and agreed to a "payment plan" to pay off the $2400 debt on a credit card with a $400 limit. I made one payment and when no one returned my call for the next 30 days I stopped making payments. I still make calls every once and a while, but no one ever answers or returns my call. I don't know what to do from here? I don't want this bad debt haunting me for the rest of my life. I understand that I messed up big time as a teenager, but how long should this follow me? Any advice??

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Anyone gotten HH&L to settle, and for how much on the dollar? I have a pre-trial comming up in which they validated my debt, but i cannot afford $5,500. Should i get a lawyer? What kind of lawyer? Do I have any defense? Am i $crewed?

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hayt hayt and lanmdau isa a no good scumbag law firm with people who dont give a shit about nobody all they are is a car saleman with a paper .who are they to dip into anybodys bank account especillly with the way the countrys financial systems sucks they take my bank account im going to take there blood

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Why is it that Hyat & Hyat can do this.? Going beyond the 5 year status. Plus if you owed Capitol One and, they charged it off years ago..How is it that these shysters can get away with what there doing...Why don't the judges know of these A/H's in there courts.? Why would the judges even want to hear any case that these's shysters would bring to court.? Plus why would any judge rule in there favor...especially against people who are on SS....What a cesspool of courts in Florida...who would want to live there in that kind of situation...Remember the judges were once lawyers too.!

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Credit cards are 4 years in Florida and 5 years for a signed contract. They can try to collect it 20 years down the road but they can't sue. Pretty much all courts are not up to speed on debt collectors and usually just rule in their favor, it is up to the consumer to get educated and know how to defend against these bottom-feeders. Massachusetts recently enacted different laws to protect consumers in small claims court, also the SJC made some changes, I forget where, but will look into it.

A judgment can be entered against anyone, it does not matter what type of income they are on. A judgment is good for 7 years in FL and is renewable. In the event that someone is on SS and they return to work 14 years down the road, the judgment then can be enforced.

Hope this sums it up for you.

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My father got a call from these people looking for me. He lives in michigan, and i have been living out of state for about 6 years. They told my dad, that this is the only contact number they have on file for me. I called the "Law Firm" and a seceratary answered, and i asked who they were. She said she wouldnt tell me unless i give her my name and social security number. I said no, and she said well ok, but you probably got a judgement against you. Great, and i have no idea who its for. Whats my best move?

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Ah no, They must have a court order in order to garnish wages or take funds from your account. Thye also can't threaten you with jail time as this would revoke any and I mean any legal claim they may have over you. Verified with my payroll officer, my bank's officer and my attorney

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I live in NJ. In 1998 while in college, a approx $4,000 government financial aid was cancelled due to the misinformation of the college. I refuesed to pay the aid amount because it was college's fault. I did pay off my whole tuition ($6000/smester) and all my college loan.
The college handed over the aid amount to the collection agency in the form of tuition. The collection agency got a supreme court judgement against me for $9,000 in 1999.
In 2006 the agency withdrew all the money from one bank account that they got their hands on. I later called the agency to settle and they refused. Matter of fact they said they need 10% extra from court cost and so on.
Now I have nothing under my name.
Should I keep mum or should I call them and again try to settle something.
The whole process is such a fraud.

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[COLOR=black]In 1998 while in college in NJ, a government financial aid for $4,000 was canceled due to a misinformation/fault from the college. The college handed over the amount to collection agency as overdue tuition. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=black]In 1999 the collection agency got a Supreme Court judgment for approx. $9,000.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=black]In 2006 the agency got hold on one of the bank accounts and withdrew part the money. I later called the agency to settle the amount. They refused to settle anything but said I need to pay 10% extra for court proceedings. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=black]I refused to pay. The whole thing is such a fraud. I mean to have a judgment against me due to college's mistake. I was very regular in paying my student loan and tuition.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=black]I have nothing under my name now. Should I keep mum or should I call them back and try to settle again? [/COLOR]

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