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Good afternoon,

Is the above company a scam? They also go under the name of The Cambridge Group. The above company says that they are located in Amherst, NY, but are not located there on the internet. Also, this company is contracted to The Hartford Management Group, LLC. I can't find their address and I need to contact them. Can you help me?

of course it's fishy.thy are a bottomfeeding piece of them.first to your local police then to your AG.then as advised above.ignore or blow a whistle in the phone.they lie and threaten things they can't do.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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If you had read this thread it would have told you they are a scam.

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I've gotten phone calls @ work the past 2 days from this company. They keep telling me if I don't settle, then I'm going to pay over $2000 in court fees & charges. They've even hung up the phone on me because I started asking lots of questions & getting pissed @ them. They tried to tell me they would gets for harrassment. Ha! Has anyone here have yet to get served with papers? Do people really warn you first? Yesterday they said they were serving me today @ work, then today they call & say it's going to be Monday. I've been off work all week & they're telling my co workers all this. Isn't that illegal? I'm so fed up but they won't stop calling even when I've told them over & over.

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Omg! I'm so stupid I thought I owed on a bill!! I gave them my info I keep asking for info from them and they won't give it to me:( I'm scared now should I call my bank??help!!!

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Yes... Call your bank. This happened with us and my husband gave his info to them. I told him to call the bank immediately. They are a joke.

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They are a debt collection company that handles payday loans and such. They threaten people with criminal charges of bank fraud if they do not pay. Contact the FTC and your state attorney general regarding this company as soon as they call you.

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