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Midland Credit Management Scam - Is it really a scam?

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midland credit management is a scam. They sent me a letter saying I owed them money for collection on a card I have never even owned. I checked my credit report and this card is not even on the report. They are preying on people that will send them money when no such debt exists. BEWARE!

This is a 'Vampire' collection agency. It's called that because they resurrect old, past statute debt and harass until paid. NEVER PAY THEM ANYTHING! I got a call from them twice today regarding a very old unpaid debt that is years past the statute of limitations. I told them I would not pay them one penny. I also informed them that I knew this debt was past the statute of limitations, so they bought something that is uncollectible. The truth is they cannot even report you to a credit reporting agency if the debt is past statute. The one trick they use is to scare people into paying something, which reopens the statute. NEVER PAY A DIME!! I took it one step further. I blacklisted their phone number, 405-555-0199, which is a spoof number- highly illegal- and when they call, they get a 'line is disconnected' message. This old debt has been passed from one collection agency to another for over five years. I get a call from a new agency every six months or so, and tell them to F themselves and blacklist their known numbers.

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I just got a call today from MCM 3/12/2010 for a credit card from Providian Financial that was in default in 2000. Here in the State of California, the SOL for this type of Debt is 4 years. I explained all of this to the very Rude woman that contacted me and she admitted on the recorded conversation that yes it was past the SOL, however, I still owed the money, and if I did not pay, they would sue me for the balance of the debt owed.($9700) I asked for their mailing addres to send a C&D letter, and she proceeded to tell me even if I send this letter, they can still continue to try and collect from me!!! HA HA HA I said "Honey you obviously do not know the law". She insisted she did and got even ruder to me. I did finnaly get the mailing address and hung up. I have found 5 different address here in CA for them, so I am sending a C&D letter to all of them including to the Executives of the company. CEO down. This company is crazy.
Pissed OFF

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My brother has a credit card 2242.66 balance that was originally 224.27. MCM said that they will forgive
90% of balance if he pays $224.27 by april 4th..........could this be true? Should he do it?How do we know if it is a scam?

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i just received a settlement letter from them, they said they took 90% off my balance if i send it within 30 days they will consider it in full should i pay it this has been an account from about 10 or 11 years ago?

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should we pay them?

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Originally Posted by Chrys Henderson
Go to where you can get all 3 reports for free once a year.

I've been dealing with MCM, and all the dates that have for my file are completely off. Therefore, I'm not obligated to pay anyone since this info is inaccurate.
I do have an attorney, High School friend, and I don't really need to talk to these ppl; which is one thing I'm grateful of.
This "Bruce Huntt" is a character... he calls me over and over when he knows I have an attorney, which he has spoken to... then he tried to get a legal and tell me "this conversation may be recorded...etc" then I heard the beep when it records...
I was like, if you want to get legal about this, I'll let my attorney know that you're still calling me when you've been told not to....
In then end.... if they take me to court, I'm ready, willing, and able.
:D :D

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Have been receiving phone calls from Midland Credit Mgmt. like everyone else.

This is either completely a SCAM, or they have confused me with someone else. I've changed my answering machine to reflect they are calling a law firm.

I refuse to tell them the last four of my SSN since that would then allow them to change their records to reflect my SSN. They currently don't have MY Social Security Number and are likely only calling me because my name matches.. Big deal, I have a very common name! I have perfect credit and have never had the credit card they claim to be collecting on.

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This is too funny. Last March 2009, Midland Funding LLC. of New York Sent a letter saying I owed so much money for a phone bill. They kept calling in the morning, sometimes before 7AM. I believed I owed the bill and paid it. I never heard from them again. Now this last month, April of 2010, I started getting calls from MCM from San Diego, claiming I owed on another phone bill from the same time. I told them I paid Midland Funding LLC and paid off the deliquent account.
Today they called and talked to my wife. She is not really up on financial things, but knew we already paid this off. She told them so and told them it falls off of my credit in July, per the credit bureaus. They told her it was going to stay on it permantely. LOL. They also said that the bill was $1200 and they would reduce it to $1000. When they stareted calling me last month they said $800. What a joke.
The first one was my debt, and I paid it off. Now they change their business name and try to extort more money from us, what a bunch of thieves.

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Received a call from MCM last week, and told them did not know what this was for. Called JCP and got a huh? Got MCM to send me a collection letter, then proceeded to send a letter back requesting pertinent information about the JCP account they referenced. I'm so glad I found this website before I mailed the letter so that I don't offer any more personal information than what they already have. Am now waiting to see if they investigate and forward the info to me. thanks

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I got a letter in the mail from MCM today. The letter is claiming my husband owes $611.37 on an account he never had. I tried to call the phone number given and it is a voice mail for "Indian Bound" (whatever that is). If I do get a hold of someone or they try to call me I will ask for them to verify the last 4 of SSN or DOB. My husband has a common name and collection agencies have called him in the past to find out they have the wrong person. ALWAYS have them verify a SSN or DOB if you don't believe it is your debt to be paid.

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