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Me again dirt on Norfolk Financial corp.

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I did a lot of research on this company who is suing

His name is Daniel W. Goldstone. He was disbarred in
2006 by the Supreme Judicial Court and can't practice
law for the next 8 years. He is not licensed to collect in the state of Massachusetts. He was sued by sears for $945,409 and dodged them for 5 years and eventually paid them only $89,000 according to the Supreme Judicial
Court ruling.

I found it funny that he has an employee who's name
is Maureen. I don't know her last name yet.
His lawyer is Maureen Forsyth, I don't know if there
is any relation.

all this information about him is here if anyone has
problems with this company.

If you do a search on his name or go to and do a search on Norfolk Financial Corp, you will find a load of information.

That depends if the civil docket would require a jury trial. Most of the time these matters are resolved without a jury. Of course this all depends on your state/district rules for civil procedure.

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I need to file my answer to the Small Claims and submit my counterclaim at least 10 days before trial to make it go easier. Been reading all the laws for 5 hours now. Civil docket could include a jury trial but it's best to settle before it goes to trial.

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Ok so I am updating this. I ended up getting them to fold. I got a Judgment of dismissal without prejudice. I also Reported Norfolk Financial Corp to the Division of Banks for unlicensed practice when he was told to shut down in tis state. Now I just wait and see.

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Great, sounds like you're on top of them! Keep us posted, please. I'm certain that I'm not the only one here who's following this thread with a great deal of interest.

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unclewulf unclewulf
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Ok, Norfolk Financial is suing me too, through Maureen Forsyth!

Maureen is real, I've talked to her. However the entire operation is about as slimy as they come. She tries to play hardball, but only sometimes has the ammo to back up her filings.

I'd love to say that I knew of some way to nail these jerks, but unfortunately in my case the debt is real and they actually have enough documentation to make my chances in open court iffy, AND they sued me in civil court instead of small-claims.

What really frosts me is that "Norfolk Financial" offered to settle for $1000, but that number has gone up and up and up, they now want $3500 (!!!) but have agreed to settle for under $2000. It's ridiculous, and I wish there were a better way around it.

Maureen wasn't even willing to promise an RFC as part of the settlement. I'm really irked.


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If you come back and read this - what grounds were there for your dismissal? In my case the court they are suing me in is where I used to live - a 2 hour drive from my current location. So for me to actually show up and work this thing through means multiple days out of work. I've been making settlement payments - I know, not the smartest thing in the world. :(

If these guys are really not licensed debt collectors that'd be real bad, but it was my understanding that they were doing things the "legit" way for Massachusetts by getting Maureen to file for them?

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Welcome to the community PPP.
In this case you need to file a motion to dismiss based on improper venue. They need to sue you in your county of residence, they are not doing so and therefore not following proper civil procedure.

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For me, it was about 5 different things.
They filed in small claims court for an amount over $2,000 they said it was $2,000 with interest. they still are charging 18% interest without having the original contract, MA law is 12%. They failed to give me 30 days to dispute. I fought back against them and basically they folded. They have not sent a validation and the phone calls have stopped so they know it's not my debt.

I am putting together a lawsuit right now and as soon as I have it together, I am going to file it. I have them on fdcpa and 93A violations worth treble damages for a total of $3,000. If I can find more or find a way to work in the $2,000 max I can get up to $6,000.

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You can try accessing FCRA damages if they are knowingly reporting inaccurate information on your credit report, that would be $1,000 per violation.

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I would like to do that JCEMT but that would make it more complicated. The max for small claims in Massachusetts is $2,000 so the violations add up quick. I could get a lawyer but can't afford anything right now, only the $40 to file in small claims.

I could wait a bit but there is a 1 year limit to file under the fdcpa.

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