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Teletrac & Telecheck/Chexsystems - the Difference...

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There have been many posts asking what the difference is between Teletrack and Telecheck - I thought it might be helpful to have this information as a sticky to clear up any confusion.

This nationwide database is used solely by payday lenders, some rent-to-own retail stores, and a few other high-risk lenders. If your payday lender uses this database, and you default on their loan (or in some cases, just tick them off by paying late), they will report their experience with you to Teletrac, which will make it difficult to obtain another payday loan. But if you're here, then you're probably looking to get OUT of the payday lending trap, right? So if you never intend to ever take out another payday loan, having your name on Teletrac shouldn't be a problem.
Teletrac does not report to credit bureaus, so this has no effect on your credit report, or your ability to obtain a bank account.

Telecheck or Chexsystems:
These nationwide databases are used by banks to report their experience with their customers. If you have fraudulent activity on a bank account, your account is closed due to NSF checks with a negative balance, and you don't pay it right away, the bank will report this to Telecheck or Chexsystems. Having your name on this database will make it difficult to obtain a checking account in the future, until you pay it off and have your information removed from their records.

Our member, Goudah2424, has compiled a list of banks that do not use Chexsystems to verify new accountholders, and it's been very helpful! However, it would be wise to pay off the debt reported to Chexsystems or Telecheck, to avoid any future difficulty.

Yes Chexsystems can be very nasty for consumers. This forum has some great resources on what you can do if you are a victim of this agency. I have seen first hand how people can not open a checking account at any bank in town because of something that was reported on Chexsystems.

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Damon Damon

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I would like to know how Telecheck can legally take my bank information off a check I wrote at Walmart and charge my account 25.00$ and get away with it! The bank has removed it twice now and I have had 3 very nasty conversations with Telecheck! I have no NSF or stop payments and the check to Walmart also cleared the bank.... But I have found out that this has actually happened to a co-worker on a check also written to Walmart and one of our patients here at the Clinic I work for has also had this happen to him.

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I have the same concern. I too would like to know how Telecheck can legally take my bank information off a check I wrote at Sears and charge my account $30.00. Sears redesposited the bounced check 2 days after it bounced and got their money. In the mean time I cant cash any checks because Telecheck said I have to wait 2 weeks for it to clear with them. To my surprise, 2 weeks later I checked my bank account online and found that Telecheck had charged me $30.00. Is this legal? What gives them the right to go into my personal bank account and take money out? Can this be stopped? I feel my personal rights have been invaded. Its just not right.

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Sue, thanx for clear up this situation))))

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Sam Ruban Sam Ruban

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How can i get a list of the banks that don't deal with chexsystem or telechex. Seding to sue. Help me please!

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Here are few instructions as to how you can find out the list of banks that don't deal with chexsystem or telechex:
"http:/ /"

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Anna Sweeting Anna Sweeting

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A good resource to help people who're seeking info regarding banks that don't deal with chexsystem or telechex.

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If you have debt over 10,000 Call these guys (Curadebt) 888-720-2515.

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lets all sue!!!! i filed bankruptcy and they charged my bank account d days later leaving me in the negative for the d or fth time the bank told me its only r time that they can try legaly to run the check. im sueing or getting my money back via bankruptcy! band together

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They should designate between if it was fraudulent activity on the account or NSF checks. Besides that's where most embezzling occur. Fraudulent activity could be inhouse.

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weneeke.s weneeke.s

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