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So i get this call today from 716-335-9051, telling me they have a legal matter in regards to an item returned from my bank and I need to call them at 866-410-8063. My bank is fine. not sure what to do from here tried to look them up cant find much information on them does anyone here have any information for me

I've been reading these posts, as they've been calling me and I actually spoke to a man by the name of John Preston and I actually have an address, because I told them before I'd send them any money, I needed to see something in writing, so they emailed a letter to me, on their letterhead--here's their address:

P.O. Box 545
Amherst, NY 14226

Physical Address:
[FONT=Times New Roman]2211 Sheridan Drive, Suite A
Buffalo, NY 14223[/FONT]

Phone: (866) 410-8063 Fax: (716) 875-2952

Please let me know any follow up. So I should file a complaint with my state commerce department? Thank you for your help!

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Well, got a call from the same people but it was a different number 702-505-4105 and they called themselves ATR... same recording as before.. bla bla bla, dont fall for it ...

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Jasgal Jasgal

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I received a call that I didn't pick up since I didn't recognize the number. They left a phone message stating they were looking for me in regard to a report that I allegedly filed with the county about an identity theft situation, that they could find no report filed under my name or social, so they needed to speak to me to get the report number, etc so that they could locate the file. I didn't call back because it was later at nigh when I noted that the vm had been left. Next morning there was another call with vm message, same scenario but using someone else's name entirely as the person they were trying to contact. I did file a federal identity theft report after having my debit card number used online to purchase something that I had nothing to do with. I was supposed to file locally, but the police wouldn't take the info over the phone and I needed to go to them and fill out the report. I have a disability and the weather was such that getting there was difficult. By the time the weather had improved, I had simply forgotten about it. So this call didn't raise any red flags for me. I figured it was the investigator on the federal end trying to follow through and naturally couldn't find the local report because I hadn't done it. When I called them back and explained that they had also left a message for someone else at this number I got suddenly put through to a supervisor. They seemed rather unnecessarily rattled for something that seemed like a simple clerical error in accidentally transcribing my phone number onto someone else's file. Anyway, at that point the supervisor turns the tables on me and tries to convince me that I owe a debt to some Acepayday loan company to the tune of $3,660. I know this isn't my debt but she's insisting that it's tied to my name, my social, she knows my new address and my last address where I was living when this loan was supposedly made. Suggests it might have been kids or grandkids using my info, but that since it's all in my id I'm on the hook for it. I was really rattled and she was trying to get the cc or dc number to nail down the arrangements on these debts. I held her off until this morning to call me back so that I could see how I was going to come up with this money to keep me out of court. Fortunately my son was hear and when I was telling him this he said ...'are you sure this is legit?'. And I had to admit that I honestly didn't really sounded like they had all the information to prove that someone had committed this debt in my name and from my ip address. Well, we searched for their name and found this thread. I have to say, you guys spared me so much grief, just by being here with these comments. I was going to find out if I could do a loan on my car ...I was really shook up about this. And the funny thing is that I'm not new to the computer world or to the idea of scams. I had simply never experienced anything like this or had even heard that they were happening. We called the WI debt protection agency and told them what happened and they are very sure it is a scam, although they didn't recognize the company name per se. They gave me a link to the website to file a complaint, and then we also googled the phone numbers and right away got a pop up box asking me to share my experiences with those that called from the numbers we had been contacted by. My son got back on the phone and called the number that the message left had said to call, which was Paul Jones, with Zimmerman,Young, and Associates. He made it very clear that I was not to be receiving any more calls from this number and that any further harassment would lead to FBI involvement. I never received the phone call that was supposed to come no later than 8:30 this morning, and the emails that would show me the debt payment arrangements we had agreed upon...well, that they had laid out, I had never agreed on either because I didn't know how I could, but none of that arrived. In the meantime I had 'verified' my ssn with them and given them my email address for them to send the email payment agreement. I called and put an alert with the three credit bureaus to watch for any activity on my accounts since I foolishly spelled out my ssn to them. Although, the guy with the WI agency said they are rarely into identity theft in this kind of racket and that they probably already knew my ssn when they called. They knew an alarming amount of personal information. I've sure learned a lot about what collection agencies are required to do before we are required to pay them a at least I won't get caught off guard by something like this again. Thanks you guys ;)

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I am glad you were able to find out the truth about this company.. I could only wonder how many people have paid them. If we all work together the word will get out

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Jasgal Jasgal

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Zimmerman Young and Associates are violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Please go online to the FTC, and read what the can and CANNOT do... Jennifer Wagner, 866-41-8063 x 112 left a message with a third party for me yesterday, stating they were going to garnish my wages....I have never received anything in the mail, and they do not have a judgment against me, therfore, cannot garnish my wages...HAHA try! They are in NY, I am in GA....are they going to send a representative to GA to go to court for the money I owe....I doubt it.... Today I filed a report with the Governors Office of Consumer Protection, which then referred me to the State Attorney Generals Office, OH....and I also filed a report with the FTC as well. I welcome Zimmerman Young and Associates to contact me futher. :lol:

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Keep up the work in reporting them. they will get caught if people work together in exposing them for the criminals that they are.

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Jasgal Jasgal

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They called me today with same scenerio everyone else has gotten. Thanks for posting not wasting my time calling them:d

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Forget the BBB, file complaints with the FTC and your state's AG.

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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Fyi, ace payday loan is no longer ,they are now advantage cash services, i got a call by the same people which i knew right away it was a scam because ace had bin sold for over 2 years now. I called advantage cash and they told me that i was being scamed and not to give them any information or send them any money, they also got alot of complaints obout
this company, they tend to youse diffrent aliases paul jones,
paul williams and phone numbers believe it or not you cant trace the numbers because they use telemarketing machine
that uses random phone numbers, thats why you cant track them down.that adress in new york is most likely where they
wher working out of but i'm sure they moved on to an other location. You must be care full when you go on line and aplye for payday loan when you send your information these company's send your private information to other lenders thats why you must read the terms of agreement before you hit send, these scammers are good at what they do, they hack into those sites and that how they get all your information. My advise is do not answer the call they will keep trying for a while and then they will stop. But dont be surprise in a few months they will call back useing another name and a difrent company and try to remember there names if you can save the message thats a plus because what lerned tend to screw up an use a name that they used in the past but with a diferent company.

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I received a call from them a couple months ago and they told me that If I didn't pay for a pay day loan that they could pursue me legally. I didn't think anything of until I got information today saying I have to go to my county court in Illinois. So I called them back and they said that they couldn't help me now. Thought this could help because I thought it was a scam too.

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