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Community Testimonials
On the basis of community suggestion I am adding a page for community testimonials. Please use the following format for testimonials (please attach a photo of yours with the post).

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Community Name:

As a community member I too have a testimonial to share. Here I go,
Community Name: Vikas
Location: 309 Cedar Street, Santa Cruz, CA.
Testimonials: I was in debt but later recovered from it. I thought recovering from debt for one time is enough to enjoy healthy financial status for ever, but I was wrong. Managing personal finance is as important as handling old accumulated debts and DebtCC community helped me learn those simple tricks. I am very thankful to all the community members for teaching me so many things by sharing their experiences. As a community member I feel proud to recommend debt consolidation care community help for your financial need. Best wishes to DebtCC community.


Note: You can browse other experiences by our community members at .

Community Name: Sassnlucy
Location: Ohio
Testimonials: I found this site out of desperation. I had 10 pdl's out, 1 storefront and 9 internet. I wasn't in default yet but all the rollover fees were taking my paycheck and then some and my husband didn't know about more than 2 or 3 of them and I couldn't go on much longer making up excuses for why we had no money and I knew sooner or later we were going to lose everything we had because of having to pay these loan sharks. I knew that there was no way I was ever going to get these paid off without help from someone. I spoke with at least 10 consolidation places and none of them could help me. CCCA said they would help if the loans were over $500 so they were out (thank goodness I didn't use them!) A couple other places said they could not help until the pdl's went to collections so I thought that was my only option. I was desperately searching the internet for someone, anyone that could help me and I found this site. I have had 2 pdl's marked paid in full and a reasonable settlement negotiated with another and the others will soon be taken care of as well. I love this forum and I am so glad that I found it and the wonderful people here. It has literally saved my life, my marriage, and my family. I have learned so much in the last few months about debt, and I have also met several people that I am glad to call friend.

Sub: #51 posted on Wed, 05/02/2007 - 16:32

Sassnlucy Sassnlucy
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I just happened on this site after trying to find the so called payday loan sharks online that I unfortunately got into. After reading some of these responses, I am now going to file a complaint with the AG's office and have closed my checking account after figuring out I have paid above and beyond what I borrowed six months ago, and they are still taking money. I know now there is a better way to do things. It has been scarey, I just took another job with less stress, but also a paycut, so juggling funds has been difficult. Thanks for the silent support.

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I was a total mess with 4 PDL's two store front and 2 internet. :oops: Until I found this site I thought that I would forever be in debt to the PDL's. But thanks to all of the great people on this site and all of their knowledge I was able to get my finances with the PDL's under control. :D

Thanks to all of you, especially goudah2424 she was a great help, Ang great talking to you. You guys are great, you too Mike and sassnlucy it's been great talking to everyone and finding out what part of the country we all live in. It's great to call you all FRIENDS!!! :D


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ladybug ladybug

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Community Name: Ang
Location: Louisiana
Testimonials: I, like most here, found this site out of desparation! After many years of having good credit I got behind on a credit card debt and was turned over to a collection agency. This agency, CACH, never once tried to send me any sort of mail, just one day outta the blue called my brother looking for me. He in turn called me to relay the message to call them, in which i did immediately! My original credit card debt was now almost triple according to CACH! I was scared, embarassed and didn't know where to turn! After being served with a summons I put CACH into a search engine and found this place! (thank goodness) After many sleepless nights, days of not being able to eat and much anxiety I found peace again thanks to this wonderful place! I can't thank all of you enough for giving me my life back, for helping me to smile again and most importantly for helping me NOT to feel like a loser as i was feeling!
Again, thanks to all that make this site run day after day.... It has been heaven sent to me and my saving grace!

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Ang Ang

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oopps not sure how this got posted twice! Plz delete this one! Guess i'm still learning to use this site! lol

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Ang Ang

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In the spirit of continuance:

Community name: Morningstarr430
Location: Lebanon, Indiana
Testimonial: It's no surprise I found this site late one night while trying to find information on the 10 ipdls I had. I had done some research on debt management and had found a good stable company...I also had just closed my bank account but had no idea what was to come. I was not sleeping at night and worried constantly. I was behind in my rent, utilities and had ruined my credit cards because of all the ipdls fee's. I couldn't take my eyes off the pages as I read story after story of people in the same boat as I!! I couldn't believe it...I learned so much in such a short time. That night I slept sound for the first time in a year. I have logged on every day since then...without this place I don't know how I would have made it through...the more I learn the more I want to help others. I plan on being totally debt free by Spring 2008 and I know I will make it with the help and friends I have here...

Sub: #56 posted on Sun, 08/05/2007 - 16:32

Morningstarr430 Morningstarr430

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Community Name: Cajunbulldog
Location: Louisiana
Testimonial: I joined this community to help others who have landed in unfortunate circumstances and by doing so to train myself in tweaking my credit report for maximum score.My dream is to pay down some more shared credit card debt with our current consolidation loan and in the future to build a brand new brick home.

I started here with Fico ave 750 and now nine months later I ave in the mid 780's. This community has given back to me just as much as I have given it.

Sub: #57 posted on Sun, 09/02/2007 - 08:31

cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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Community Name: Kashzan
Location: New york city
Testimonial: I came to this site by accident, but i was interested in the pay day loan topic, so i started reading the various threads. I was in the PDL trap, and so afraid. I thought I was all alone, but quickly found out that there were so many people from all over who were in the same mess i was. But something was different !!! They were no longer scared and victimized. They were fighting against these illegal companies and they were winning. I wondered if I could read , and learn , and fight against the illegal companies that were taking every cent of my money. I read,I asked questions, I learned as much as I could.
Thanks to all of my wonderful new friends, I went from 7 loans to 4 loans. Soon I hope to put alll this past me. I will forever be thankful to this forum, and will continure to learn , and help who ever I can

Sub: #58 posted on Tue, 09/04/2007 - 14:09

kashzan kashzan

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Where do I begin. I remember my first post here about 4 months ago. I was scared, lost not a clue what to do. I even had tears in my eyes because I was so nervous. I was looking for a loan to pay off my payday loans because they all was in default and they where threating me. So I went on line in search of a loan and a miracle happend, I cant explain it but by the hand of God I was directed here. By the end of the day I had the armour and knowledge to fight for my rights, I had the people to contact and how to do it, and I had this wonderful place and its angels to help me do it and for support. Today, I am here to help others who come here for the same thing to find their way, and it feels GREAT!! There is always a way, just Never Give Up, Never!!!

Thank you and All the Best,

Sub: #59 posted on Tue, 09/04/2007 - 15:03

Lukeskywalker Lukeskywalker

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I, too, came upon this site by "accident". It was late one night & I was desperate for help. I think I just typed in "pay day loan help" or something along those lines. This site came up. I cried. I had 12 internet loans and 5 store front loans. Let's just say I was broke, scared, depressed, and thought I was going to jail. I immediately signed up on this site. I posted "Help!" and I received so many responses, it was unbelievable. I thanked God that night for finding this site. I didn't know there were laws. I didn't know there were illegal companies. I knew nothing. I will never forget the first responses I got. They helped me figure out that I had actually overpaid a lot of my loans. They helped me find out that internet lending is actually illegal in my state. But, my first relief before anything, was that I was not alone! I thought I was the only one in this situation. I was not. I have learned a lot from the forum members here. I have learned that I have rights. I have learned that I can stand up to illegal companies. I have learned how to regain control of my paycheck. I have learned that there are government agencies that will help you. I knew none of that. From what I received from this community, I want to give back. I don't want anyone else to feel alone or trapped or desperate. We are here to help others realize the things they weren't aware of. This site uses facts and laws. We help each other regarding our situations. And, through all of the darkness came light. I want others to see that light. I will be here to help anyone who is calling out for "help" as I was. And this community is very close. We watch out for each other. And we do our very best to help new members, guests, etc. DebtConsolidationCare is a blessing from above. It saved me. I know it can save others.

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cannr cannr

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