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18004461022 calling me 4 to 5 times a day – who the hell is this?

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I have been unable to figure out who's number is 18004461022? It calls me 4 or 5 times a day and no one ever leaves a voice mail or when I am home I pick up the phone and no one is there.

I have a Orchard Mastercard through HSBC. I believe it stands for Household Bank.

Sub: #11 posted on Mon, 12/18/2006 - 15:20

brownsugar brownsugar

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It's from HSBC Card back 18004461022 and hit option #2..and remove your phone number from their list..if you have an HSBC credit card that is probably where they got your number...

[size=18]As posted bt the above person, calling back 800-446-1022 & choosing option 2 does work. The answering voice says 30 days to be removed.

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Once I picked up and someone wanted to speak with my dad but he wasn't home so they just said okay and hung up. Now whenever they call I just pick up call from 18004461022 and hang up. It it so annoying they won't stop calling.

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Actually, HSBC stands for "Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation" they bought out a lot of other smaller banks a few years ago.

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the number is HSBC card services. It can also be Direct Merchance. I get 12-15 calls from 18004461022 including Sundays. I want to know who to stop these calls. I have a credit card from them that I have turned over to a debt management program, they have accepted the terms and a payment but they are still calling 12-15 times a day wanting the payment I was behind 10 days before the debt management program paid the first payment.I have told them the situation and not to call again but they are still calling. I want to know what harassment is if this isn't.

Sub: #15 posted on Tue, 04/24/2007 - 19:21


I've been having the same problem for weeks! I have read this post and gone through the steps to remove myself from their call list. I also went into my phone and added the number to my Caller ID Phone Directory ... from there I was able to set the ring tone to a specific tone ... NO RINGER! We'll see how that works. At least for the next 30 days I won't hear the phone ring when they call :)

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Like post from above. HSBC Card Services. Option #2 will remove you from the list.

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18004461022 HAVE 593 CALLS AND ANOTHER

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tsacgiv tsacgiv

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I as well have been receiving these calls for weeks, Have gone thru the steps upon callback to have my number deleted, and still recieve the calls.

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As a retired Telco 30 something years..never answer calls you don't know who they are from..crooks have gotten very sofisticated using the internet and land lines ..sometimes your answered call can be rerouted to an international country..then they use you number to make free long distance calls..even after you hanged up the call..Sometimes they use predictor services with bootlegged name/numbered databases that has your information on thing that all phone companies do and that needs to changed is that once you disconnect you service from them they never never delete your information from their database. Thats because of their win back policies. Just asked your local state utility commission if they have any knowledge on the subject.

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