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Calls from a Outfit in India 407 771-0978 representing CHASE

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After getting 8 to 12 or more calls a day to my cell phone I was able to track down the fact that this is a company in India that CHASE is using to harass people that have fallen behind on their credit card payments! It is also apparently being done out of India to circumvent United States Federal Trade Commission Laws wherein one can request that all communication on such matters be done by means of WRITTEN CORRESPONDENCE ONLY, wherein such a request, by law, must be honored, and which I have requested!!! But CHASE HAS TOTALLY IGNORED!!

I do that! I either answer as a phone sex operator, someone being murdered needing help, a shady character either contracting a hit or selling drugs or guns. I've also told them I am investigating a murder that happened shortly after their call, given the number of calls they made of course, the must be questioned in connection (never told them I was police). I even convinced one that I had called them!

I feel bad for owing them money, but I do not need to be reminded of it 6-10 times a day. It weighs heavy on my mind as it is.:rolleyes:

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