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BCR collection agency - Do they have a good reputation?

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The agents at BCR Collection Agency call my home phone at least daily, sometimes more often.
They are looking for a person, last name, Nyugen.
That is not me.
The home number I have, I have had for 17 years.
I tell them when I answer the phone the person they are looking for does not live here, nor have they ever lived here. I tell them I do not know him.
I ask them each and every time to stop calling my phone number.
They will not stop.
One agent hung up on me.
I have called them back insisting to speak with a manager. They will no connect me to a supervisor.
An agent told me that the numbers they call are loaded into a computer 48 hours in advance and they cannot cease the calls. They have told me they have noted my complaint. They seem to do nothing and continue to call.
What is up with these people?
They are using Sprint cell phone numbers based in Washington, DC
The latest are 1-202-607-2732 and 1-202-607-2733.
There is also a toll-free number.
How do I get them to stop calling my home number?

It seems that a bunch of us are dealing with abusive calling from BCR debt collection...they have called my cell phone 11 times in the last 2 days (and I had already asked them to stop calling me, I don't even know the person they are asking for and I have had this phone number for over 7 years). Here's my idea...maybe if we email or call the local better business bureau, city council, mayor, attorney general etc in their hometown...that might get us some relief. Here are some links.
w w .edenprairie. o r g
w . epchamber. o r g
bbb. o r g/ (then enter ZIP code 55116)
Business Licensing or Regulation
Currently the City does not license or regulate businesses. For State or County licensing, contact the Minnesota Small Business Assistance Office at 651-556-8425
opsW w w.wikipedia . o r g /wiki/Erik_Paulsen

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According to the FDCPA, the Cease & Desist request needs to be in writing. Send it via Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested. If they call you again after you get the green card back, sue them and collect your $1,000.

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Chrys Henderson Chrys Henderson

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First if you have your number on the Do not call list go in their and report them, next get with you local Better Business Bureau online and make a case on them. Next will be the cease and desist request in writing and send it to bcr collection agency address via certified mail. It serves as the 3rd warning according to the courts and next you can open up a civil law suit more likely to win because you have done all three things first before going into the court process. I just started getting calls from them for someone I have never heard of in my life and I think it could be people could be writing down random numbers for contact info because they do plan on defrauding companies. So when they hire these collections people they keep calling because I believe they don't believe you since the people who give them these false contacts until you take the right channels to stop there calls.

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Nope. the Do Not Call list is for telemarketers and does NOT include collectors. You have to fight them on an individual level or change your phone number.

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Chrys Henderson Chrys Henderson

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I just received a call from bcr collections. No body was on the other end, so i called back the number on the caller id and was put on hold three times befor talking with someone. I explained the call. They try to say my name was Paul Webb. When i explained who i was and demanded they take my number out of thier data base and told them if i received any more calls that i will call the better business bureau and call the attorney general of the state i live in. which i keep these numbers on hand just for these cases.

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I owe, so what.
Save the number(s) to your contacts (name them crank or monkeybutt)
Then assign them a silent ringtone, you'll never hear from them again. :)
Go further, sign up for free at and you could assign them ditch messages.
Works for me 8 years now.
Life is short, they have too much profit, after you're dead, who cares? :)

"What would John Dillinger do?"

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Im having trouble with bcr-try to make a payment for my att account-Im on limited income but they will not except my payment which i can afford

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Some online payment systems are not set up at accept less (or more) than the required payment.

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i received calls from this number for well over a week and today was the first time i was the first time i actually spoke to someone. every other time someone called from this number, no one was on the other end.
the person speaking said their name was briska (sp?) and that she was calling in regards to a personal business matter for someone not even tied to my phone. she claims to be with bcr, which i received half-a-dozen harassing calls from from a different number (915-440-0036) for close to a week asking for someone not tied to my phone.
both people refused to give any details and only said that they were with bcr even though the two numbers they are calling from are in two completely different states.

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Creditor Address

Certified mail number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Dear XXXX:

On October 4, 2002, you received via Certified Mail #XXXXXXXXXXXXX, a NOTICE OF DISPUTE from me regarding the above account. According to 15 USC ?? 1666 you are to cease collection of the disputed amount until verification and validation have been done. What has happened, instead, is an increase of phone calls to this residence, sometimes up to four calls a day. I consider this to be harassment.

This is your NOTICE that you are to limit all future communication with me in writing ONLY. If I receive any phone calls from your company, I will consider them to constitute HARRASSMENT. Please be advised that unwanted phone calls are a Class 1 Misdemeanor in this state and I will file a complaint against the caller with the Attorney General???s office. I maintain a telephone log of each phone call and in some cases, make an audio recording when necessary. I permanently record all messages left on voice mail. I have evidence of over 20 calls from you since you received my NOTICE OF DISPUTE on October 4, 2002. Beware and be wise.

Be advised that you have the right to remain silent. If you ignore this NOTICE OF HARRASSMENT and contact me by telephone, you and your employees agree to allow me to make an audio recording of our conversation and you and your employees agree to allow the recording and any other information obtained to be used against you and your employees in a court of law. I will accept only your written communication. Your failure to honor this request may constitute a violation of 15 USC ?? 1666 and may result in legal action against you. Govern yourself accordingly.

You should also be aware that making unsubstantiated demands for payment over the phone may, in this case, be a form of wire fraud. Further, that sending unsubstantiated demands for payment through the United States Mail System might constitute mail fraud under federal and state laws. You may wish to consult with a competent legal advisor before your next communication with me.



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