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BCR collection agency - Do they have a good reputation?

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The agents at BCR Collection Agency call my home phone at least daily, sometimes more often.
They are looking for a person, last name, Nyugen.
That is not me.
The home number I have, I have had for 17 years.
I tell them when I answer the phone the person they are looking for does not live here, nor have they ever lived here. I tell them I do not know him.
I ask them each and every time to stop calling my phone number.
They will not stop.
One agent hung up on me.
I have called them back insisting to speak with a manager. They will no connect me to a supervisor.
An agent told me that the numbers they call are loaded into a computer 48 hours in advance and they cannot cease the calls. They have told me they have noted my complaint. They seem to do nothing and continue to call.
What is up with these people?
They are using Sprint cell phone numbers based in Washington, DC
The latest are 1-202-607-2732 and 1-202-607-2733.
There is also a toll-free number.
How do I get them to stop calling my home number?

I have also received calls time and again looking for the previous owner. I purchased my home over 6 years ago. I have told them this time and again. I now have reported it to the no call list, default.aspx, just to have it on record. I also filed a complaint with the FTC, https://www.ftccomplaintas I also filed a complaint with my Attorney General office for my state. Just Google, Office of the Attorney General, for your state and file a complaint. If all else fails I am filling a complaint with the US Attorney's office, The idea of being amoral and not paying ones' bill is what causes the rest of us with moral fiber and paying our own bills, to be harassed by these unscrupulous companies.

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The same EXACT thing happened to me. I purchased a house and my phone number used to belong to someone who did not pay their bills. They called for years..

Unfortunately, I was forced to figure out what my rights were, and on the last conversation, I can not remember what I said, but something to the effect that they are violating such and such a law, and they stopped.

I am figuring out that most collection agencies out there are illegal. If everyone knew what their rights were and took the time to SUE, more collection agencies would be owing rather than collecting.

I am learning that the collection agency law firms, seem to be the only real legit companies that actually follow through with law suits,e tc.. and are interestd in collecting the debt.

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Originally Posted by Anonymous
Im having trouble with bcr-try to make a payment for my att account-Im on limited income but they will not except my payment which i can afford

send it to them anyway as long as you are making a payment they have to by law stop harrassing you even if you sent them $5 a month it is still better then nothing thats why they will not except it send it and keep you m/o stups or bank statement to show proof of your good will.

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Sorry Jayne, there is no law stating that. Past due is past due regardess of what you are sending. They can still call and they can still sue even if "good faith" (which is basically meaningless) payments are being maid.

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I am getting calls from these people too. They aren't nice and they are telling me that they are looking for someone that I have not heard from. I will take the advise about sending a certified letter not to call referencing the FDCPA.

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BCR is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Marty Sarim is BRC Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer and can be reached by email at [email] m[/email] or by telephone on 1-800-831-7311 ext. 1110


I found this info on the internet and I called many times repetedly (I pressed option #2 about responding to a phone call I recieved from them) and I left a message for Mr. Sarim then called back and whoever answered hung up on me, the next time i was mocked by an employee, then finally I got a person to say that she'd remove my number from thier list.

Just be persistant..... at least it's an 800 number

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I have to say, the BCR has been harassing us about someone who doesn't exist as far as I know, but I got through their convoluted system to get through all of their hoops to get my number removed, here's hoping it worked...

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I just got my phone # and since then, I receive daily calls. They keep asking for my X-Wife father and my sister. I hadn't spoke to my sister in years and don't know where she is and my X-Wife father, I hadn't spoke to him since my wedding. I have told BCR this and they said they will take me off the list. Guess they forgot. To the employee of BCR who is replying to these comments, How do you get it threw your thick heads to stop calling? I would give up info on my sister and my x-wifes father if I had any.

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I too have been getting calls, almost on a regular basis to my cell phone. I had no idea who the number belonged to until I found this site. I even tried to do a reverse lookup online and with an operator. To no avail, all I got out of it was that the number was from Washington,D.C.

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After some 6 months of receiving calls from these people who say they are looking for "Jose", I went to their web site . I got an automated system that finally asked for a "extension number". I pressed 0 (zero) and got an operator that connected me with a guy that promiced he would have my cell number removed from the list. We'll see. At least he was not some rude $6 and hour jerk that just hangs up if you ask questions.

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