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Has anyone heard of or used pdr group (professional debt res

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?Has anyone heard of or used pdr group (professional debt resolution group)?

Do not threaten me PDLR Group, phone number, 877.265.0088. Ms McGary. I will hunt you down like the dogs that you are, cut out your heart and feed it to my Pitt Bull. As tony Montana said, "You xxxxxxwith me, you xxxxx with the best.. Called them back, of course, no answer. I left them ALL my contact information along with amemo stating contact with the Pennsylvania Attorney General, BBB and a personal friend with the FBI, who in fact busted a Pa. Supreme Court Justice, Rolf Larson, for drugs. (look it up) I am a no xxxxxxxxxxxx

Contact them, not us, we have nothing to do with them, this is a get out of debt community.

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(Posts: 17344 | Credits: ) is not a registared website. i looked it up as they called me today and i heave been looking up information on them.

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this company just called me and stated that I took out a loan on-line for 600.00 dollars back in 2009, which I have not. they said it was for Payday 1, a company I never heard of. the lady Ms. Perez, stated this was back in 2009, and I took out a loan for 600.00 which I never took out a loan for 600.00, and she stated that I now owe 1500.00 dollars. and they can work out a payment plan with me for the 1500, and pay it off within 10 months. who can I call. this is not true. They have all my information.

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If you haven't taken out the loan, you're not liable to pay it. You should check your credit report in order to find out whether or not they are reporting the account to the credit bureaus. If they are not reporting, then just forget them. Chances are that they are trying to scam you. You may have a word with a legal expert in this regard as well.

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This is the, almost, EXACT same thing I am currently experiencing...The institution they named is Payday Today...

Either they are frauds, or someone may have gotten hold of my info and did this under my name...I knew nothing of Pay Day loans until 2010...and I have damn near ALL of my bank statements which I can prove, if they are need to be afraid of them...but be aware that someone may have committed fraud under your name...scared me even though I KNOW...nothing like that occurred...I mean...who would forget creating ONLINE signatures for these kinds of loans...not me...and I smoke hella trees

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Hi... Im having the same problem right now..Someone from there called me today and stated the exact same thing to me.. they stated that i had a payday loan from payday1 that I owed and I needed to either pay it immediately or set up payment arrangement. If not. they would take me to court for a wage garnishment... I asked the lady several questions and she did not have any information on this so called payday1 company... She did have all of my information though and stated I took the loan out a few years ago but I know I did not and I have never heard of this company.. Just wanted to see what was the outcome of your situation....Please get back to me...

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