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I had a runin with pay pal three years ago. I fell victim to a phising scam, I didn't have EBAY toolbar or any other verifier running, and I made a "paypal" purchase from a fake window. It didn't seem right at the time, but I was in an EBAY frenzy, so I didn't stop right then. After noticing a draw of $1000 on my paypal account, I franticly contacted paypal to flag my account, and stop this transaction before it was finalized. I thought all was straightened, but then paypal let the transaction go through anyhow
I get all kinds of email from paypal wanting "their" money
I had to cancel the account I had at my bank, the account I had for over 10 years. I know paypal is an ICON, but they failed in this case, and I want everyone to know you aren't as safe as they would have you think

i think Paypal is pretty good, however, because of the incident I had (above post) I don't 'attach' my bank account to it anymore.

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sdchargers_63 sdchargers_63

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The key thing with e-mails that claim to be from Paypal is to watch the spelling. Most of them will spell words incorrectly, or use bad grammar (because they come from scammers operating out of other countries, without a good understanding of our language!).

To be honest, I have had a Paypal account for years, and have received very few e-mails directly from Paypal - so when I start receiving e-mail after e-mail from "Paypal", I forward them to [email][/email]. That's Paypal's security department, and they investigate every single e-mail they receive. They will respond to you and advise if the e-mail was from them or not. Every single e-mail I have forwarded to them has come back as a phishing e-mail or a scam.

Just keep in mind, Paypal will never, ever ask for your username, password or bank information in an e-mail - they have all that information already - so why would they ask for it? Also, they will never ask you to click on a link in an e-mail to "confirm your identity", "update your account information", or anything else. They will tell you to go to the site - not click on a link in an e-mail.

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Thanks for the reply, SUEBEE. The 'phishing thing' seems more and more 'popular' now a days. I also had one, concerning my bank account..."update your information." However.......I just KNEW it wasn't from my bank.

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sdchargers_63 sdchargers_63

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I used to get as many phishing emails as overseas lottery emails before they installed better filters at work. 5th Third bank and BOA were the most common!

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Frogpatch Frogpatch
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Thats why if you are going to deal with eBay and paypal you should have the eBay toolbar to warn you if you are not on an eBay site. I had my paypal debit card denied today at walmart .Come to find out I had a 15 dollar negative balance on my paypal account. How canb that be when My bank aact is connected to paypal acct and have money in the bank.It was like If I don't put 15 dollars into paypal it will deny the other 2 charges that i had pending.So I had put 15 dollars from checking acct hooked to paypal acct into paypal.They said as soon as it posted I could use the 15 dollars.Why does that sound dumb?I didn't want to use the 15 its just that they said I owed it to paypal for something i had no idea of.

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patricia patricia

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Patricia -

your Paypal account is simply that - a Paypal account. It may be 'connected' to your bank account, but that is only for funding purposes - you have to initiate the transfer of funds from your bank to your Paypal account yourself - manually - through the Paypal site. It won't automatically draw money from your bank account. Only a debit card from your bank will draw money from your bank account when you use it at a store. In order to use your Paypal debit card at a store, you must have money in the Paypal account itself.

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Sorry, butbthats the way it used to be not now. Now even though you have 0 in your paypal acct and have a bank acct connected you can still use your paypal debit card and it will use your abck up funding (bank acct).It uses any money in your paypal acct first then if not enough it takes it from your bank acct assuming you have it connect or what ever you have connected to your card. I know because I been doing this for a long time ever since I first read that we could now do this. It was not always this way though.Used to you ould only use what was in your paypal acct or had to transfer money into the paypal .It just changed last year.

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patricia patricia

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I see that on the site now, sorry. :oops:

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i personally have had to different paypal accounts and i had problems with both of them the first on i had almost 1500 dollars in the account and one day i logged on because i was going to add some more money only to discover my account was frozen. so i called paypal and they accuse me of suspicious activity. so they have frozen my account for six months while they make a decision on my account and the worst part is they would tell me what i had done. well they told me as long as i dont owe anyone money or anyone puts in a claim i should at least get my money back when the six months were up i logged on the account i discovered i was almost 3000 dollars negative and i was floored by that so i started looking at all the activity i discovered there was almost 25 claims on my money and i didn't know who any of these people were and paypal paid them all i filed to dispute all of them but they then told me that there is nothing they can or will do and i have to bring the account back up to a zero balance before i can close it now how and why would an institution dealing with others people money with no loyalty or concern or care that they allow this to happen come to find out they dont verify anything so if anyone finds out someones account is frozen anyone can put in a claim and they just pay it no questions asked. the second one i had only for about 4 months and they froze my account for basically the same thing only this time no money was taken but they wont let me with drawl the money or transfer it all they will do is send a check and they wouldn't do that unless i formally ask for the check so so your selves a favor and steer clear of paypal

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kennethpettijohn kennethpettijohn

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