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Hi -

I have 11 PDL's and have made the decision, after spending time on this wonderful website to take my life and my paycheck back. I am willing to pay the original amounts to the lenders even through PDL's are prohibited in Connecticut. Should I work with T & C, who I have already spoken too....or should I try to handle this myself and let them know that the small loan cap applies? My biggest concern is that they will try to contact me at work. Right now I am not indefault and my next pay day is 4/25.
Any thoughts?

Lisa, that is ok..just get to it whenever you have a chance. Some are easier to deal with than others about arrangements. I would think they will not harrass you if you agree to arrangement terms. I am sure someone with more experience with that will post their experiences. Hang in there. :D

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RoxyNY RoxyNY
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I was telling a good friend my situation, basically telling her how stupid I was with all these loans and asking her what she thought of doing this myself or having a company help me. She said she would give (not loan) give me the money to pay these people. I know, that is a gift from God. Now, my question is: I have already closed my bank account, debits are due to hit this Friday. Should I wait for them to contact me and set up arrangements? They are still illegal in Ct. and I don't want to give them anymore fees than I have to. I was also going to put the money on a prepaid debit card and pay them that way.

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lisa, what an angel friend you have! Since pdls are prohibited in your state, only pay the PRINCIPLE AMOUNT of the loans. No fees, no interest, nothing. Only agree to pay the principle amount of the loans. Okay? Legally, they can't do squat to you regardless of what you do. Morally, the correct thing to do is pay back what they deposited into your bank account, as they did give the money to you and you did use the money. So.... only agree to the principle amount - period. Not a penny more. And, using a pre-paid debit card is a good way to go. Don't let these guys bully you into paying one red cent more than the principle amount. They are actually lucky to be receiving that!

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cannr cannr

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I know - - she is an angel. I'm very lucky and I will be going to church this Sunday! I told her once this is settled we will work out a payment arrangement. Do you have any thoughts about what I should say to them? Like, "I know these are prohibited...lets cut the b.s. and I'll pay the principle?" and should I let them contact me first?
Thank you for all your help.

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Lisa, Awsome! I would go ahead and send the letters advising them that you are only obligated to pay the principle and would like a good address to mail your payment to. They will more than likely call you anyway when they do not get their payment. :D

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RoxyNY RoxyNY
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Is that the same letter that has been posted about revoking ACH debits, etc.?

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Unregistered is the same letter. Here is a link to one ifyou want to compare to be sure.. ng-loan.html

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RoxyNY RoxyNY
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Hi - My debits were supposed to go out on 4/25 and now I'm getting a few calls, particularly US Fash Cash who said that the loan was legal in Oklahoma - I said he had to follow Ct. law and I was only responsible for the principle, correct? I also told him I would be happy to pay the principle. In going over my bank statements I have also found at least 5 that have been overpaid.I also faxed and emailed all my letters today and yesterday.
How am I doing?

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You are correct and doing well. Your bank account is safe, right?

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Yes - I closed it a week ago.

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