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Hi -

I have 11 PDL's and have made the decision, after spending time on this wonderful website to take my life and my paycheck back. I am willing to pay the original amounts to the lenders even through PDL's are prohibited in Connecticut. Should I work with T & C, who I have already spoken too....or should I try to handle this myself and let them know that the small loan cap applies? My biggest concern is that they will try to contact me at work. Right now I am not indefault and my next pay day is 4/25.
Any thoughts?

Hi everyone-

Just an update. I just got 2 PIFs - 1 from Arrowhead and GECC/Cash Direct Express. Of course, they have been grossly overpaid. No mention of a refund though.
MTE made me a settlement offer. Should I push the refunds or just be glad to get them out of my life?

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If you do send payments on any principle owed, for goodness sakes, use a money order; don't give them any new bank account information, or they'll go after their funds there!

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What id T&C? I have multiple PDL's as well, they are now all in default and they harrass me daily. I want to pay them, but I'm not sure how to go about it at this popint.

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Can anyone give me advice on where I should go to get help consolidating payday loans? I'm in default, my bank account is destroyed, I want topay them, but I need some help dealing with these people!

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Kayte, T & C is Town and Country debt consolidation.

Kayte and Gues, What are the names of the PDLs and what state are you in? Maybe we can help give you some advice.

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