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[size=3][/size]What should I do now. I am back in the hole again after last year problems thought I had it handled. I ended up being out of work for a few weeks with reduced pay but had to make payments for my chapter 13, rent and insurance coverage. I used the pdl again and now I am in hell again. I basically live paycheck to paycheck. I figured I can pay my regular bills and expenses and have 230 left to pay for anything else. I called a credit adviser in nebraska and told them my problem. $799.52 total in pdl at 2 storefronts and $1040 in internet pdl at 3 sites. Reading the information here it looks like I am over charged on those. I been paying $480/month of fees for the pdls online. I owe $1250 in credit cards right now too. After I gave them this information, I bring home 1440 a month 1200 goes to real stuff like rent, chapter 13, food , etc credit union loan and to another debt advisor on old bills. I am tapped out. They want me to pay $430 a month for a year. I can do $230 but not $430. I am already negative now for my next check. I need to cover my rent and phone and chapter 13. What should I do?[size=6][/size][color=DarkBlue][/color] :cry: :cry:

I put a hold on one of my bank account and that is working but the credit union is not helping. The majority of my check goes into the credit union, the rest goes into my bank acct. I need some help by Monday please and thanks....

Alias1958 :) , you made me laugh today for the first the midst of all these monetary problems, where we can't live a peaceful, worry-free day, you put a funny note regarding changing the email too. We need an SOS package!! Thanks.

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soky_torruellas soky_torruellas

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Soky, I'm glad I could brighten your day a tiny bit! :)

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alias1958 alias1958

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