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National Credit Adjusters - What do consumers allege against them?

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Sorry I havent been around in a while, but any help on this would be great. I had an internet pdl that defaulted many months ago for I lost my job. The pdl was UPFRONTPAYDAY.COM. They had sold my debt to a collection agency called National Credit Adjusters. My loan was for $300 and they now want $760. My issue is that the collection agency reported it on my credit report. When I filed a dispute with Experian, they came back to me saying they looked into my dispute and according to the collection agency it is a valid debt. How can I get this off my Credit Report legally since the IPDL is illegal in my state of New Jersey.

thanks paul. Sorry for the duplicate posts, for whatever reason I can't see my posts.

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basically they gave me the unsigned loans papers from CMG other than that they didnt send me anything else but a letter that says they expect payment in their office by 12/31/09.

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Originally Posted by Anonymous
basically they gave me the unsigned loans papers from CMG other than that they didnt send me anything else but a letter that says they expect payment in their office by 12/31/09.

when you file your AG complaint forward that to them.they will handle them from not give them a dime more.

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I just received a call from NCA. They said I owed $370.00 for a bad check back in 2004. I told them I did not know about the check. They said they had spoke to me about a year ago and I am well aware. I then told them I wanted to see a copy of the check. I was told it was destroyed and that they could not provide that information. The lady I was speaking with then started to just talk over me about legal information and totally ignored my request. So I hung up. Does anyone know if they have to produce a copy of a check to proceed in legal action?

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there number is 18005421048

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Filed a complaint with the OK AG and NCA sent them a response back that my account would remain open what should I do at this point. Should I file complaints with any other agencies I do not owe anything on this account. NCA brought illegal payday loan my cmg group which I never applied for in the first place they just put $300 in my account. CMG is not licensed in OK and I have paid back $360 which is principal plus $60 in interest. Any advice as to what I should do next?

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I just a letter back from the OK AG and basically it says their neither agree nor disagree with what NCA sent them, NCA is stating the my account will reamin open are there other complaints I shoudl file? NCA bought an illegal payday loan from CMG Group which I never appiled for they deposited $300 in my account and I paid back $360 and they say I still owe $480 on a loan I never agreed upon or signed anything. They have an electronic signature. When I had first talked with CMG they said they could have bought my info from a thrid party which to me means they just put they money in my account hoping I would never notice this has been going on now for almost a year. NCA already removed the negative info they put on my credit report so why are they still saying I owe it if they took that info off. I just dont know what to do at this point. Any advice?

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sorry for multiple posts it didnt look like it posted previously.

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I started receiving phone calls in 5/2009 for a person owing a debt that had my husbands same first and last name BUT different middle name and Date of Birth. I received a letter from National Credit Adjusters in 6/2009 claiming that we owned $880.00 to them for a debt they "bought" from Advance America. I called the number listed on the letter to let them know that they had the wrong person. I was told that they would "review the matter" I didn't hear anything from them for a couple of months, so I assumed it had been taken care of. Then the phone calls started again in the beginning of November. I sent them a letter (NCA) to AGAIN explain that they had the wrong person, and I even did some "detective work" here on my end and actually located the person that they are looking for. He is in jail, but I gave them all the info I had. Again, heard nothing....then last week (1-15-10) they sent me another letter requesting full payment along with all of the original paperwork from the original debt. So they essentially sent me this guys driver's license number, social security number along with all of his other personal information!!!!!!!! That almost has to be illegal in itself...sending someone's confidential information to a 3rd party! I decided to dig further into finding out how to actually get in touch with the "true debtor" and eventually talked to his Mom. She was appalled about them sending me his personal info, but was extremely nice and was going to send National Credit Adjusters a letter telling them to stop harassing me. What I find most interesting that she said they have also been contacting HER too for payment of the debt!! So National Credit Adjusters is attempting to collect from two parties for this debt....that is ILLEGAL! I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, but from reading all of these complaints listed before me, it doesn't seem like anyone is doing anything about this company. They need to be stopped!!

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