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National Credit Adjusters - What do consumers allege against them?

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Sorry I havent been around in a while, but any help on this would be great. I had an internet pdl that defaulted many months ago for I lost my job. The pdl was UPFRONTPAYDAY.COM. They had sold my debt to a collection agency called National Credit Adjusters. My loan was for $300 and they now want $760. My issue is that the collection agency reported it on my credit report. When I filed a dispute with Experian, they came back to me saying they looked into my dispute and according to the collection agency it is a valid debt. How can I get this off my Credit Report legally since the IPDL is illegal in my state of New Jersey.

nobody here advises to not pay back the loans.just the principle which is all we are liable fact it is a moral decision,but one we advise so please spare me humanoid,and back to the phones as nobody posts like this that isn't a shill/bobo.

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