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Which Debt Settlement Company are GOOD (names PLS)

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I have been going through so many of these forums trying to find the best debt settlement company to go with. I have about 93k in unsecured debt and I need to do something FAST. Most of the forums do not recommend any specific companies and when someone does recommend one someone laters complains about them. I need some honest recommendation from people that have been through it before. Thanks you.

Please provide any info you have on the company.


why is this gentleman allowed to mention company names on this forum, is that not the same as advertising?

He gave a list of companies which is not the same thing as advertising. It would be similar to someone asking what is this best headache medecine and someone else responding they think Tylenol, Bayer, Advil and Excedrin are all good brands but you will have to do your own research to decide for yourself. Nice try on the setup question though Jedi. It is kind of cool you have so many professions too.

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I give up, you guys keep sending nice honest Americans to have their money misplaced by the companies you wish, that is your business. I for one have a conscience and I will not endorse any companies, I only ask people to do their due dilligence and decide for themselves, they are not children they can find their own debt programs with out any help.

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Well I am a DIY fan and I think you will find it an impossible task to find even 1 single company I have endorsed to be used as debt settlement. Personally I think they cost to much and the risk is to great at getting a bad one but I do understand why people use them. Those that choose to use them can only look at past performance as an indicator so if a company decides to go rogue then what are you going to do. It is very difficult to predict the future.

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That is true. Number one reason I stay away from suggesting any names.

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Jedi, did you maybe miss the fact that this person specifically asked for names (names PLS)? The thread is open to anyone who wants to chime in with an opinion, including you. And it's open to anyone who wants to chime in with a name, as long as they are not advertising. And how in the world can you "guarantee" that this person will be sued?? :shock:

DebtHelp, I would also be very careful about choosing a debt settlement company. Some of them do charge very high fees, and usually they collect their fees up front, before any settlements are actually negotiated. I'm not sure of specific companies, but maybe you could look for either a company or an attorney who would only charge you based on actual settlements made. Also, be very sure to do your research since there are a lot of companies tht are not reputable.

As Dollars says, you could also consider doing it yourself. There seem to be many more people on this site who have had good results doing it on their own than by using a company. The good side of that would be that if you do it yourseld, and one of your creditors does decide to sue you and you are unable to work anything out with them, then you do still have the option of filiing BK, without having already paid a lot of fees to a settlement company.

Good luck!

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