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This morning I recieved an email from USACashExpress telling me there was a problem with my checking account and I needed to call them asap. Having no idea who these people were I replied back saying I'm no falling for this. Here was their reply:

> We are CashNet500 and you took out a loan on 8-24-06 for $350 and this money
> was deposited into you bank account on 8-24-06. Do you not recall this?
> I am in the position to offer you a loan payoff on your account.
> As of today, your total CashNet account balance is $590, payment
> arrangements are for three(3) payments $200 due on 11-17, 12-1 and $190 due
> on 12-15.
> Payment method is Visa or MasterCard Debit/Credit ($5.00 processing fee).
> Confirmation Instructions
> * To take advantage of this offer it is very important that you
> confirm this loan payoff today.
> * To do this all you need to do is call or email me today with your
> card#, expiration date and three (3) digit code.
> This is a loan payoff, meaning once you confirm this payoff by providing
> your card information, your account will then be removed from the
> collections process, your balance will be frozen and no further charges will
> be assessed on the loan balance as long as you follow through with the
> agreed arrangement.
> Regards,
> Karen Lamb
> Advanced Collections Department
> 1-800-654-7444
> x846

How sweet! They are offering to let me pay $990 total for a $350 loan.

So I need some opinions . . . . . Does this reply sound good? Should I tone it down? Change anything? Thanks!


Yes, I know I did business with cashnet500, but you emailed me going by the name USACashExpress. How am I to know that you do business under that name too? Also, I've informed Cashnet500 already that I'm having to file bankruptcy, through no fault of my own, I'm sorry my appendix nearly errupted and almost killed me and now I have a ton of medical bills, but more then that, I've been talking to the Oregon Banking Authority and their payday lender licensing department. Oddly enough, you do not have an Oregon License under Cashnet500, Global Payday, or USACashExpress. You also broke the law when you (or someone at your company) told me I could be arrested for fraud by not paying you immediatly. You also broke the law when you (or someone at your company) left a general voicemail on my employers phone, giving the details of my loan and saying I was going to have legal problems if I didn't call you back. Keep in mind this is recorded. You broke Oregon law when you made the loan in the first place. I have solid proof of every allegation I'm making here. According to the police department, licensing office, and Oregon State Attorney General's office, if you set foot in an oregon court and try to file anything against me you will be arrested yourself for doing illegal business. I will be retaining a lawyer for my bk, so I will have legal representation. So far I've paid you $315. My offer to you is $35 to pay in full the amount that I originally borrowed. Agreement of these terms by you will not stop me from further cooperation with the Oregon authorities, who are currently investigating you now.

If you have an attorney, have them fax her a retainer letter or letter of representaion, and she will go away. :This is what I received from Karen Lamb:

To date there is no documentation on file with regards to your claim that
you have retained a law firm to handle you finances. Have your attorney fax
over your retainer letter. Once that information is received I will then
remove your accounts from further collections.


Karen Lamb
Advanced Collections
Fax 800-418-6073
PH 800-654-7444
Ext. 846

I have it in writing from her that once she has proof I have legal representation, the collection calls will stop. Langhorne is faxing them a letter today. Will keep you posted if they honor it.

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cbigfan7 cbigfan7

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So they just called me again . . . . Luckily (well, nt luckily, very unluckily) I have a crazy obsessed person stalking me. He just got out of jail (on stalking charges, due to me) last week. So everyone at my work knows to say that I'm no longer an employee, in an effort to not have to find another job. So when Cashnet500 called this morning they were told I no longer work here. So they called me. The first thing he says, very nicely, is I hear you don't have a job anymore, we'd like to offer you a settlement. This is the exact same guy I talked to on Monday that said I'd be charged with fraud. When I mentioned I had just talked to him the other day, he said, and I quote "Wow, I must've been smoking crack, I don't remember that.'!!! I then told him that he told me I would be charged with fraud and I was hiring a lawyer, and he quickly said, have your lawyer contact us, and hung up the phone!

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goudah2424 goudah2424

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This shows you how crazy they are. Who would want to work for one of these places? They are abusive rude and just crazy!!! KYSIDE38

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I think only arrogant sadists work there.

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goudah2424 goudah2424

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I think they are all smoking crack, which explains their sudden mood swings. What an idiot to make such a comment, "I must have been smoking crack"

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And I've got that one on tape!!!!

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I wonder if they are the same as Global Payday loans and Cashnet? I recieved a call from a Justin McClain at Hecker law Firm saying that I took out a payday loan with this company and they have been trying to debit my account and keep getting the checks returned for NSF's. I told him that I have all of my bank statements and there is not Global Payday loan or Cashnet debiting my account. I asked if they go under another name and he then said he does not have time to babysit debtors and that if I did not call him back by 4pm yesterday he would then send the information to the courts here in Alabama. I told him do what you have to do because I do not know who this company is. Now I did have a payday loan with GFS and I believe that is who that is, however as I explained to GFS I have already paid them well over what I owe. They are breaking laws everywhere and need to be stopped. How do I file a complaint with my AG's office? I even sent them a letter telling them to please stop debiting that account.

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arj800 arj800

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Yes, they are the exact same company as Global Payday. They also go by Cashnet500 and USACashExpress.

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goudah2424 goudah2424

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I no longer had a bank so please sind me a phone number so I can pay my loan with you. thanks

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This is a message board not Cashnet500. If you look through the treads you will find contact info for them.

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goudah2424 goudah2424

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