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Types of hardship plans - 3 Benefits and 2 drawbacks

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Has anyone ever been offered a hardship plan from their credit card company? If so, how long did it take for an offer to be made? IE: how many months of non-payment? I am thinking specifically about American Express so if you've experienced offers from them, I would appreciate it if you'd share the info.

Amex is horrible. I have an account with them and my grandmother dose as well my grandmother is unable to commit to regular 500.00 pymts any longer and can do 200 until it is paid off. I called on her behalf yesterday and ended up with a very rude rep. What makes this situation worse for this rep is I work in collections for a very large company I thought that our rules with my job and hardship programs were a pain to get signed up for and not worth the hassle until i spoke with AMEX yesterday. I know all the collection laws and guidelines and I don't feel that they practice them as they should. They told me that the company only has one program 6 months at 0% apr and then 6 months at 9.99 % apr and then back to normal rates and pymts at the end of the year and will be unable to get on any other program for 12 months after the completion of the program. When asked what they do for people that are in a permeniate situation such as my grandmother they would not answer the question and would just tell me about this one program they had. After asking to speak to a manager his attitude was just as bad. When asked the same question and getting the same answer while being talked over, I asked a question of " What would you do for a customer that made 10000 a month and is now going to have to be placed on disabilty and will only be making tops 3000 a month and can no longer afford the current min payment and this situation would not ever change." The MANAGER very rude said this is all i got do you want it or not and would not answer my question treated me so badly. I advised him that this is the only company i know that doesn't provide a long term program has bad customer experience and that I am also a card member along with almost everyone else in my family and I will be closing my card and my family will be as well and doing business with another company that values their consumer. This managers only response is im sorry you feel this way this is what i can offer you on ur grandmothers actt. You will get no where with these people and I thought i had a fighting chance seeing how i do this job for a living. So for those of you other there having a hard time the best thing i can suggest if you have an amex card is attempting to settle it out or working with a non for profit CCS i know there are alot of companies out there and many are not what they say they are so if you want one that is legit look up Money Mangement International (MMI) GreenPath or Novadebt they are good companies and will work for you.

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There are many ways to solve your debt problems. You can use the search box at the top of your screen and see what others have to say about the companies you are using or may be using. Before you choose any company, please do your homework and check them out thoroughly. Some have had luck with certain companies, others have gone the Do it Yourself method. Keep us posted and good luck..karen

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I called Amx, to ask about hardship due to job loss and was transfered to that department spoke with a lady about my situation and she said they would lower my monthly payment and I would have 6 month of 0% interest and then 6 months of 9.99% interest and after the year it would go back to where it was before I started this program, and while on it for the year I could not use the card, which is fine with me. and I could take myself off the hardship program at anytime during that year. Also, you have to make the first payment via phone and you have to make your first payment on the program via phone and after that however you want, but you cannot be late one time or you will be removed from the program. She was very nice about it, and I don't have that high of a balance under $5K and I have never been late one time. so if you want to do this, just call and make sure you call on the day you want your payment due, being on unemployment I am making it on the final day its due. Hope this help anyone.

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Forget any help if you owe about $20.000 or more. They want the entire payment at 0 interest and how does that help if you cannot make that payment?

They turned me over to lawyers Zwicker and Associates and the one attorney I have read about . This is not a reputable honest firm I see after reading on Google. Amex forces people into bankruptcy.

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