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National debt relief program - Is it a scam in USA?

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I am currently in Chapter 13 and I am having a difficult time paying on the monthly plan, a payment plan that I could not afford in the beginning but trusted my Attorney who informed me that I can modify it. Unfortunately the Judge rejected it and now I am expected to pay that amount. How did it end up being so high, mean test, I was informed. Well, I am at the risk of it being dismiss because I am only sending in the money I can afford. I received a letter in the mail from National Debt Relief (Settlement Company) claiming they can reduced my payment down to what I can afford. They claim they are a governmental agency and advise me to stop sending money to the Trustee and enroll into their program. Have anyone heard of National Debt Relief Plan?

thats great but your not allowed to advertise or steer people to other sites here

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love_my_things love_my_things

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I am with consolidated credit counseling service, a non profit, and they are working out great!

Call them. I have been with them for 3 years and am almost finished!
I will never apply for another credit card again! No matter what! They are not for us but against us, seducing us into their bondage!

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There are some great debt settlement companies out there that will really help consumers in the time of financial hardship. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX - XXXXXXXX is one of those companies that will negotiate with creditors and will reduce your total amount of unsecured debt and will create a payment plan lasting 12 - 36 months.

"XXXXXXXXXXXXXX" and the letter that you received is a lead generation tool. They are not a debt relief company.

XXXXXXX provide all kinds of debt relief options, especially debt settlement. It may not be for everyone, and one of their experts will tell you what program is right for you.

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tom l tom l

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I have rec'd a letter from National Debt Relief a few times in the mail and I'm not sure they are legit. That's why I came to this website. They have no address or website listed on their letter. I am enrolled in a different debt consolidation program and it DOES WORK and they are legit for those of you who do NOT believe in them. They contacted my credit card companies and got them to lower my interest rates, one of them to 2% and I'm paying it off little my little each month. I just wanted to let you know that IDK about THIS one but there are companies out there that can help and WILL help you!

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For those of us that our recieving the National Debt Relief letters, and agree that they are a scam....what is the name of the debt relief company you are using?

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i was told that my second mortgage can be totally wiped out if i paid attroney fee of 1,995.00 this all fall under the obnama stimlus packages is this true or fales?

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I just got a letter from this company but it has a Washington DC P.O. box. It makes me sort of leary because it seems a little decptive. Is this a reputable company? is that just a marketing stratagy?

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Obviously a scam.

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Completely FALSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


NOBODY can do that for you. They only want your money.

Go check the Federal Trade Commission website and any state attorney general and the first thing they'll tell you is, never EVER pay any money to anybody who claims they can modify your mortgage.

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Now that I know it is a scam I already gave a partial information to cherrie like my ss# , the bank name but not the account no. and routing no yet, what will happen?

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