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is must high school a scam or not

i knew that this skool was scam because i wanted to be home schooled at the time and i like the fact that you could do all the work online and stuff. so i was looking around and MUST high school came up and i called them to get more info on it and i talk to some man named mike i think? but im not sure..but anywho mike seemed like he wanted to get my sell soo badd? and i didnt know why>? and he wanted me to sign up and pay him the 99 right away and i told him i had to get my old grades from school and he told me that i didnt need them and that i can just go st8 to my junior year? but im thinking like how and why would must just let me go into my right full grade without them knowing if im even in this grade??? BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT A REAL SCHOOL....DO NOT GO TO MUST HIGH SCHOOL!!!

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must high school is clearly a scam

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Guys I have enough studied about these schools so I would say do not mix up things..
Every school is different with different reports so we need to be careful..
First of all be careful with their names as school which are scams and have very much similar names as real high schools so you might end up accusing real high school assuming it online scam.
For Example: Senford High School is a real High school in Houston Texas and there website is check out their name's spelling ok, But You can see SCAMMERS have made Sandford High School which is bogus.
This is one example.. so think critically and evaluate yourself who is original and who is fake.
Ones again SENFORD high school is real & has been in existence for past 36 years as a regular high school BUT and MUST, SANDFORD , BELFORD are FAKE online scams.

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After JIM's report above I contacted Senford High School and enrolled my son, Its an online high school program they offer as well as they have regular classes so I will be going to visit the school as it is very near to my house at about 10 minutes drive, the only reason I didn't think about this school before was its building which is quite old and looks like it'll fall any moment but anyway after being ripped off by other good looking schools and programs I've come back to a legit school and enrolled my son and I am satisfied with senford as accredited high school and i am sure my son can have best education there.

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MY brother paid MUST high school and received nothing, BELFORD and MUST high school are 100% scam.
b/w thanks to JIM for the informative Post.

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i did online schooling throw musthighschool and they are liers my diploma is a joke i got a job and then they looked up my diploma and found out for me that its fake im pissed i paided 2grand for it and its nothing to collages or a job that checks in to ur diploma stay away from musthighschool they are good at lying and telling u that ur diploma will work all over the place but it will not

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