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Loan Shop Online – complained against them and a/c closed

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I received this letter from Loan Shop Online. I have many more to go , but I want to thank you for helping me and fighting these companies. One down, many more to go!!


November 21, 2008


A complaint was received from you via email regarding a loan you had applied for from Loan Shop Online. I appreciate your patience and cooperation as we are attempting to reach an agreement to close your account.

Ever since you requested this loan, both parties have followed the terms of the contract. This was meant to be a short-term loan but I understand that you may have not been in a position to repay the full balance all at once. I realize that the fees can accumulate and add up to a rather large balance. I apologize for any frustration you have experienced throughout your repayment process. I believe it is in the benefit of both parties to accept your offer to pay the remaining $120.00 of your $300.00 loan and to cease any attempts to debit from your account for extension fees in the future.

If this is agreeable to you, please sign and fax the attached release at your earliest convenience. Please retain a copy for your records. The attachment to this email is a release agreement that indicates you have agreed to end your dispute by having your account closed immediately.

Your account will be closed IMMEDIATELY upon receipt of the attached release form and, once your payment of $120.00 has been received, you will no longer be held responsible for any balance in connection with this matter.

Your payment may be mailed to:

Loan Shop Online

2207 Concord Pike, #250

Wilmington, DE 19803

There absolutely will not be any collection activity taken against you and this email is meant to confirm that in writing.

This email and the attached release form combined are written records that neither of us will continue to dispute the matter with the other. You will have no future obligation to make any payment regarding this matter.

My contact information is included below so, if you have any questions or concerns about the release or any other matter regarding your account, please feel free to contact my office anytime.


William Mashburn

LoanShop Online

Phone: 888-265-5074 x3497

Fax: 800-383-3309

If you never received a loan and they have debited your account, you need to go into you bank branch and dispute the charges. Since they now have your account info, you should also either close and reopen an account or have your bank assign you a new account number. Be sure that the 2 accounts are in no way linked. Your branch manager should assist you with securing your account, refunding the amount that was fraudulently debited from your account and refunding any fees incurred.

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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you sound like you work for one of these scam shop so go hell and you worry bout paying you bills and if you we want to complain we have the right to so once again you go to hell and have a good day;)

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who #23 who are you addressing?please be specific as nobody in the last six or seven posts said anything defending this illegal idiotic lender.again please specify who you are addressing.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Then Don't get loans, your the dumb ass. yup slap the hand that feeds you. must be nice to take things for granted. DUMB ASS

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boy oh boy another idiotic humanoid.if that is all you have then get lost!!!!!!!!!nobody needs your get back to the phones drone.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Yes Paul you are so right for # 25 you need to get back to harrassing people don't you work on commission? Stop sweating this site and the people on it that are really trying to get out from under the Bulls**t debts you and your worthless, spinless co-horts bind us with! Get a life, get a grip and finally my favorite of all sayings KICK ROCKS YOU DEGENERATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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danettere danettere

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i've contacted the BBB to see if Loan Shop Online is licensed in New York. i'm waiting for their response, probably will take awhile, in the meantime, can somebody out there let me know if they're licensed in New York? ASAP

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