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On 5/26/08 I stumbled across this site, I was totally depressed because I had 6 online PDL's and the payments were taking my entire paycheck. I am a single parent of 3 young children. I posted my situation and within minutes I had 17 people wanting to help me, it was a great feeling, I wasn't alone anymore. With the help and directions they gave me I have managed to get PIF's on 4 of the 6 PDL PLUS I received a money order refund for almost $500 in the mail today.

This hasn't been hard or complicated in any way, all it takes is to own up to our mistakes and start making better decisions where our money is concerned. I fully expect to have the final 2 PDL's eradicated before the end of the month.

I urge anyone who comes to this site to really take the time to read through the posts and the stickeys, there is so much wonderful information from people that were in your position and know how to play the game. I feel so much lighter since I have removed these monkeys off my back. Thank you to everyone and I hope some day that I am able to help someone as well.

How many PDL's do you have? It's possible that they are operating illegally in your state and you might have already paid them what you should. If you could list the PDL companies that you have loans with, the amount of the original loan, the amount you've paid back (even if it's only extension/refinance fees), and the state your in, there are people on the board that will definitely be able to help you through this. They helped me for sure. You can take care of the PDL's yourself and save yourself a lot of money in the end. You can start down the path of financial freedom. You should register.

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thlovely1 thlovely1

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bmblbe taht is awesome to hear. may i ask which one actually refunded you money back?
I am still working to get my taken care of as well, but i have read the first thing is to close your acct, i cant yet cuz of neg balance and they wont be a stop on anything that is already authorized, and i spoke with the branch manager.
any suggestions my way
we do have my husband direct deposit going into a savings acct now, but i dont want this checking acct to get carried away.

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wendylynn93 wendylynn93

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Wendylynn, have you revoked ACH authorizations with your PDLs? If you have, then you should be able to get your bank to put a debit block on your account--because then those withdrawals would no longer be authorized. Of course, if you are dealing with legal PDLs, you would need to make payment arrangements with them.

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alias1958 alias1958

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"This hasn't been hard or complicated in any way, all it takes is to own up to our mistakes and start making better decisions where our money is concerned. I fully expect to have the final 2 PDL's eradicated before the end of the month."

Great attitude i hope others will take your lead and have a more positive outlook on their situation. I agree these forums are a great resource for information and encouragement to be able to make the right financial decision's now and in the future.

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bernieadams bernieadams

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I have also gained so much from this forum...I am a single mother of 2 boys with 6 PDL storefront loans...although I am not out of the PDL nightmare yet I do have 3 EPPs (payment plans) set up with 3 of them and have worked out arrangements with the others. After living with the nightmare of paying and reloaning these for over a year I finally can sleep at night because I know these will all be paid by early december :) thanks to everyone on this forum...for those of you also in PDL hell I urge you to put an end to the insanity of paying and reloaning by calling to set up EPP plans or coming "clean" with the storefront PDLs to see how they might be able to work with you. It really is the only way out :) good luck to everyone out there....

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Yes. Thank you for this website as it is giving me hope that there is light at the end of this horrible nightmare. I am a single Mom of just one gorgeous child and have so much respect for those who try to do it with more than one. You truly are amazing. I have gotten so depressed about my situation that I have just stopped talking about it and won't answer the phone at work or my cell. I do have meds and it does help but I am so scared. I have about 4K in debt ranging from PDL's to credit cards and just don't know which way to go. The storefront PDL I deal with a crazy lady who calls me like a psycho. I have an internet PDL that is bullying me and uses court and "jail" as a scare tactic. HELP ME!!!!
I appreciate any advice.
Thanks again,

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lbnme I would suggest picking the smaller accounts to pay off when possible. Eliminating a few will relieve some of that stress and if it's still a big issue maybe go to a debt settlement firm to negotiate the other debt.

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bernieadams bernieadams

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i would like to find out how many i have. any one know how i can do this. i'm in the state of virginia and i've got some guy calling me from make threats. any help thanks

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Wonderful story once again!!!

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m.snover92571 m.snover92571

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I do have bills comeing and not able to get to them all,Its up to you if there is anyway out of debt would be a miracle

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