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Army lost my SS card and birth certificate

Submitted by pokertramp on Wed, 05/14/2008 - 17:26
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When I was 18, 12 years ago, I signed up for the army and they had my SS card and birth certificate. When it came time to sign the papers and join, I was disqualified because of my medical problems, I really wanted to get in and I hid the fact.

The next day I called and they said they lost my papers. I thought about it last night and am thinking that may be someone is using my information and ruining my credit. At that time they paid for the new documents for me.

What are the chances that after all these years that someone could still be using my information?
If I can get proof they lost it way back, which I doubt, would that stand up in court? I have about 7 accounts on my credit report that are not mine.

What do I do?

I have the same problem, however, I don't have any thing on my credit, they just took it over a year ago, I couldn't go in because of my weight and NOW I can't get it back. They say it is illegal to keep it, but they kept it.

What can I do?

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