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An example of a phishing attempt!!

An example of a phishing attempt!!

Submitted by markofkane on Sat, 06/14/2008 - 16:43
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I got this yesterday. Not the first time. Idiots think I will fall for it. I reported it to [email][/email]

I do have a paypal account, but they sent it to my email address that is not associated with my account.

Like I always said, NEVER click on a link provided in email to verify your information. Always open your browser, and type the URL, in this case, it would be

Look in the email I was sent by a fraudulent sender. Notice the REAL address of the link provided in the status bar.

(notice in the letter, They did not mention my name, and used the phrase "If your account informations" phishers tend to make grammar errors, and don't address you by name. But don't trust it, even if it looks legit)

Click the picture to enlarge:

Great information to know, markofkane! Like you, I've received these bogus e-mails and have mostly just ignored them. It is good to remind people, though, as to what to look for and watch out for as some people may be in a hurry and not pay close attention to a bogus e-mail like this.

There was an instance a few years back where the customer of the bank I'm with was plagued by a slew of these phishing E-mails. I'm afraid some people did actually fall for them, though. I guess it go so bad, the bank placed a permanent link, right above the boxes where you put in your login information, that warns you about phishing scams and what to look for, when you click on it.

Even job hunters aren't exempt from scams. While I've been looking for a job over the past year, I've found that I responded to what seemed like an extremely legitimate job posting, only to get one of those "we send you checks/money orders, you cash them, take your percentage, and send the rest to us. Only to find out later the checks/money orders we sent were bogus." scams!

Ticked me off!

I hit reply to a few of them and fired of a very nasty and not very clean-language E-mail to them telling where exactly they can file those bogus checks/money orders.

It's hard enough when you're unemployed and looking for work and don't have any money, but then you have to watch out for scams like these!

Submitted by FloridaRon on Sat, 06/14/2008 - 17:03


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mark i got that same email this morning,only one problem.i had a paypal account 8 yrs ago,sad thing is people fall for this all the time.

Submitted by paulmergel on Sun, 06/15/2008 - 05:12


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