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identity theft

Submitted by foxytowgrl11 on Wed, 09/03/2008 - 18:27

i recently found out that i am a victom of identity theft. this is my first time looking at my credit report. 3 years ago my wallet was stolen. and it seems i have 4 credit cards and 2 bank accounts i knew nothing about all are 3 years old . Now what??? if i get the credit reporting places to block these will my score go up??i seem to have 6000.00 worth of debt and only 387.00 is MINE(not including my truck) i have never had a credit card or a bank account with either bank reported the only thing that should be on my credit is 1 old hospital bill(5yrs) and my truck

You need to take a copy of your current credit report to your local police department and file an identity theft claim including each item that is not yours. You can then take that report and file it with the 3 major CRAs disputing each of those items and you can also send a copy of the report to each CA that holds the debt with a dispute letter. With the police report in hand they are required to remove any false reportings immediately from your CR. It would also be wise to place notices on your CRs that you were a victim of identity theft and extreme caution should be used by creditors when assigning credit in your name.

Submitted by DOLLARSandSINCE on Fri, 09/05/2008 - 11:01


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