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Loss of License?

Submitted by on Thu, 09/18/2008 - 15:57
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If I had gotten a shoplifting ticket over 5 yrs ago and plead guilty, but did my continuing ed and had a name change since then that I registered, can my license be revoked for securities and life and health? I sold investment products since the incident. I did plead guilty and was fined $250.00. It was in 2003. The reason I ask is because my 6 is still current and my life and health has lapsed and I am looking at going back to work

Did you disclose the incident when you applied for your licenses? Was it a felony?

You have to disclose things like that to your broker dealer within 30 days. If not, they can terminate you for non-compliance. Usually they'll just discipline you.

If it happened before you received your securities license and you didn't disclose it, they could punish you too.

Insurance is much less of a problem. You should be able to get a license again no problem. You might not get appointed with some of the insurance carriers, but that probably won't be an issue either. <<< My best guesses.

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No I did not disclose the incident when I applied as it had not happened yet, it took me awhile to pass the test! I did not disclose the incident and no it was not a felony, so I am wondering what I need to do from here, I am applying for a job with my recent employer and already let my old boss know what was going on so I guess I will see what happens.......

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Honestly, I think you should be ok. While shoplifting is not a good thing, they are more concerned with felonies and crimes that have to do with securities/fraud.

I was convicted of a misdemeanor and still had no problem getting my licenses with a real strict company.

I received some good advice on this forum (you will have to type w w w to make it work)...

Good luck!

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