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Cashing an insurance settlement check at the check's bank? (on chexsystems)

Submitted by JPaddis on Wed, 01/26/2011 - 11:15

Hope you all are having a great afternoon!

I am receiving a settlement check in an amount that totals over $10,000.00 and the insurance company's bank that the check was issued by is Bank of America. I currently do not have a bank account (on Chexsystems) and the only one I had open (bad idea) was a Bank of America account that closed for insufficient funds around $350.00. Many people have told me that I can take the check to my local Bank of America and with sufficient identification they should cash the check since it's their check and the only "bump" I'll probably run into is a hold if the bank doesn't have all of the cash at the branch and I may have to wait a few days to receive it.

I want to know is the aforementioned accurate? I don't have ANYWHERE else to cash this check other than a check cashing place and I would rather AVOID them especially in such a high amount check and I can't just sign the check over to a business for my bill as this is a finalized settlement that I will be paying over 7 different bills (companies) for....ANY HELP would be greatly appreciated!!

You will be able to cash the check at a local BofA branch. They may charge you a fee, since you don't have an account with them, but they will cash it for you as long as you have photo, government-issued identification. Don't be surprised if they also have you put your thumbprint on the check.

Submitted by OhioGal1 on Thu, 01/27/2011 - 06:28


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where you able to cash it?

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