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Submitted by on Tue, 08/28/2012 - 19:29
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I am in default and a company named VanRu has my loan. I am getting garnished 128.00 per pay. I want to rehab the loan but they want me to fill out this packet that they sent that basically tells them all of my expenses. They said that I needed to do this in order to get a hearing.

The problem is that my fiance and I live together with our 1 year old daughter. We are leasing an apartment and both of our names are on the lease. She has A1 credit. My line is shot to hell, but I pay all of the Rent and Utilities. I pay a car note and insurance, but the car is in her name as is the utilities. She takes care of the groceries, clothing, baby items etc.

On the papers for the hearing that they sent me, they wanted everyone in the home's expenses. How much money she brings in etc...

this is my problem and not hers. is that legal and if so how can i go about this without damaging her credit or putting VanRu in her financial business. I need some serious help.

This is standard. Since you are living as a family unit and she is working, her income is taken into consideration. And yes, it is quite legal. It is a requirement of a rehab if you are looking into the reasonable and affordable option. Without her income, they wont take into consideration the car payment or insurance since it is not in your name...only your bills which would be half of the rent, half ultilities, half child expenses and half food. You can't have it both ways.

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