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Submitted by Leyley54 on Thu, 11/01/2012 - 10:34

I had a pdl that i defaulted on before finding this site so i did not send the pdl people a email about revoking their ach or wage assignment so i get a call from these people last year offering a settlement that i took the amounts were crazy and it was very hard for me to do but i did manage to make most of the payments and i thought that i had made them all but they callled again today saying that the wage assingnment was still valid and they were going to be sending it to the state of florida and could take up to 25% of my income until i had paid the 2000 they now stated that i owed and i had to do it today or they would take monthly payments of 200 to take care of it. so i went ahead and gave her the info for them to take out the money they say i owe. she said i could fight it in court but they would be taking money until the court date. my question is is there something i could legally do so if this sort of thing comes up again? also is there anything i can do now? please advisethanks

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