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CSG Arbitration

Submitted by HangingTightinFlorida on Thu, 06/30/2016 - 16:37
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Received a voicemail from a Liz Collins on Monday from CSG (caller id stated No Caller Id). Yesterday, she called back and left a message stating she is with CSG Arbitrations. In both calls she left a phone number to call of 877-436-3372. She claims I am going to have multiple fraud charges filed against unless I call her office by today. Also a Form R 16 will be filed with my employer (which is laughable as my employer will not honor something unless from the courts or the Feds). She claims that I have been sent multiple letters in the mail and I failed to respond. She has my correct county when she mentions charges.
I have had a new address for one year. I was at my previous address for 4 years and I had my mail forwarded). I have received nothing from CSG, ever. The only thing I can think of is that this some type of payday loan repayment scam. In 2009, I took out several payday loans over the internet. Through this site, I found ways to deal with most of them. There are, however 2 that would not deal with me and about once a year or two, some bottom feeder CA comes along and makes big noise. The last one I had an attorney go after them for federal violation of things that the company said on a recorded call to my family.
If it is a payday, as I can't think of anything else it could be, the payday loans companies were not licensed. In addition, it would be past the SOL anyway.
But has anyone heard of CSG or CSG Arbitration? Anyone have dealings with them and an address? A Google search returned nothing (which really makes me suspicious) and I don't see a CSG CA or Arbitrators licensed in Florida.
Thank you in advance for any info.
Hanging Tight in Florida