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TD Bank suing me for Target card

Submitted by Terri O on Tue, 03/20/2018 - 22:31

TD bank is suing me for $1750 for my target card. I ran into financial hardships and was unable to pay my card and it got closed. I lived in florida for 4 months and then moved back to indiana. They sued me in Florida in February 2018. I have not lived in Florida since August of 2017.
I was not even aware of the court case. I only found out about it because I received a solicitation letter from a law firm who reviews court records to find potential customers. The court documents I was able to view online said I can request a change of venue 7 days before court date in writing. But, I don't have enough time now to mail one because the court date is 6 days from now. I do have the name of the lawyer they are using. Anyone have advice?
I am going to call a volunteer lawyer in florida tomorrow. Don't they have to serve me papers or at least notify me I am being sued? I am just lucky I found out about it. The judgment will be a default against me because I can not be there for the court meeting. So, I guess I will have to call the lawyer and see what kind of settlement they are willing to offer or just file bankruptcy.

Even if they get a default judgment, you can apply for a revocation since you were not properly served.

Filing bankruptcy is not an option. The amount is $1750.

Call the lawyer and try to settle the debt out of court.

Submitted by SC on Wed, 03/21/2018 - 02:59


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