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Hey all ~ sorry for not being around very much lately. Been kind of a hectic time right now for us. So much going on I don't know whether I am coming or going. Let me see if I can fill you in a bit:

My husband lost his part time job ~ was fired because he told them they had to quit calling him at his main job about things and that his other job was his main job and that they were told before that, and some other things, and they said, ok, your fired. He was so mad!!!! So that is $400 a month we lost, which does hurt. Right now he is not allowed to get any overtime at his main job, which with him loosing his 2nd job, hurts. He is looking for another parttime job but he found out that the job he just got let go from, they put him as not eligble for rehire! Nothing really to do with his work performance, just insubordination! He blew up! He would work later if he could would go in on his days off to help fix the floor machine (and not charge out the time), sometimes even go in on his day off to work when they needed someone. So that is one thing.

One of my dogs has bone cancer and artheritis and she has been going down hill fast and we have scheduled a day to put her out of her pain. We are doing this the 29th of this month. Emotions have been pretty high around the house with seeing her deteriorate and now knowing we only have 3 more weeks left with her. Then finially telling my son about her condition, although I have not told him that we are putting her down, at least not yet, or when.

Found out that my grandmother's health is starting to go a bit downhill also. She is 91 so it is expected, but does not make things any easier though. She is my last living grandparent, so it makes it a bit rough.

My daughter has started marching band practices and camps, so there is a bunch of running there. I am so ready to deal with these teachers (band directors) this year, so they best not mess with her or me for that matter or all hell is going to break looses, especially with how they treated her last year. I am not taking it this year. But she is excited about band. I know they are going to Townsend MD in Oct (I think that is the month) for a regional competition, and they will be going to Indianapolis is Nov for the Grand Nationals competition. They will get to be in the new dome this year instead of the RCA dome. Plus we are now doing fundraisers. Boosters are not real happy that I am doing some fundraisers on my own to help her out, but oh well. I am having a Pampered Chef party next month and instead of earning free stuff, etc, all is going toward her band fees. The band is also doing a Pampered Chef and got a little upset with me because I was not doing their fundraiser. Oh well, guess they will get over it. At least I know 100% of what we earn goes to my daughter. She has also started her driving part of driver's ed.

My son has gotten to sew on his E3 stripe, so we are excited about that.

Our pump went out on our pool, so have not had a pool all summer. Probably won't get another one until after summer. Told my husband since we wanted to do some repairs to the deck, now is the perfect time.

Anyway, that is what we have been up to for the most part. Think about everyone though. Take care and God Bless.


thanks for checking in,it is never easy to deal with.pets are
members of the heart goes out to you.maybe when summer ends your husband can find a new part time job.glad things are going good with your son.again
thanks for the update,and my thoughts are with you.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Thanks....I have offered to get a part time job, but he won't let me. Said he doesn't want me working nights. He works second shift and wants me home with our daughter, which I understand, but still if we need the money, I don't mind helping.

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2nband 2nband
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2n, I am so sorry to read about your baby with cancer. It is difficult when they have been part of the family for so long. I am happy to hear your son is doing well. I hope the job situation and other issues work themselves out too. I is really great to hear from you. Will keep you in my thoughts.

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RoxyNY RoxyNY
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Hi 2ndband,

I'm so sorry to hear all that has been going on in your life right from your husband's part-time job to your pet's health to your grandparent's health.

I think, in everybody's life such a low point comes when nothing seems to work out in your way. But don't lose's a passing phase only. I consider it as a cycle where after every bad patch comes a new shining morning.

Your son's good news is what makes me happy for you.

All my good wishes for you and your family and I pray to God that you sail through this rough patch with ease.

Nice to see you back in the forum and we all miss you. Please don't forget that we are a family too and a family is the one that mentally supports an individual at their low times.


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Jason Jason

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Well, things have gone from bad to worse for my "baby". From what my daughter said, she fell part way down the stairs yesterday, we could hardly get her to eat and she fell face first into the loveseat when she was trying to turn around. We have decided that it will be next week when we let her go. I called my mom and dad to see if I could borrow the money for her vet visit and the cremation. We don't have it right now and I just don't think I can watch her go on like this. I cried all the way home from work last nightl. I know this sounds bad, but I am praying that she will go to sleep and the good Lord take her our of her pain and misery. Please keep us in your prayers so that we can have the strength to do what we need to do. :cry:

thanks my friends,
(((hugs to all of you)))

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2nband 2nband
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2n, My heart hurts for you all. You know we will be thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers. I also know, being the wonderful mom you are, you will find the strength to do what is best for your "baby".

Sub: #6 posted on Fri, 08/15/2008 - 09:41

RoxyNY RoxyNY
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It's good to hear from you, but sorry about all the things going on in your life. I know how it is with a pet,it's so hard to let them go, even when you know it is the best thing. Will your vet let you put her to sleep and pay it out? We had to do that with our shih-tsu.

Just know, whether it is with your husband, grandmother or baby, I, and we, are here for you. Take care of yourself too, Karen--from the other Karen :D

Sub: #7 posted on Sun, 08/17/2008 - 07:27

Bossy4455 Bossy4455
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Take good care, it's always good to read your updates. :)

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Shazzers Shazzers
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Hi everyone ~ just a quick note....I put my "baby" down tomorrow and it is tearing me apart!! I have not been in much of a mood to chat with anyone or even send emails. I am trying get a pampered chef party arranged to help my daughter with her marching band and just have not been really able to get into it. I have not slept well all week and am totally exhausted. Part of it is listening for the dog, if she falls on the stairs or whatever. I hear every little noise!

Then to make things better for me, I have an aunt (my mom's sister) and her husband are separating, (which I already knew about), but what I didn't know is that he lost it the other night and slapped the crap out of her and even threw tomatoes at her!!! She has filed charges and gotten a protective order against him. She has already been in the process of moving out and moving her stuff. My uncle has always been a bit different, but dang.....this is bad! She has got bruises from where the tomatoes hit her.

I just has not been a wonderful time around our house for a while. Seems that it has been one thing after another, so..... Am hoping to get back on track so I can get back on here off and on (oh and right now I don't have internet at the house, so.....) I can't spend a lot of time on here at work, so just have to pop on once in a while.

anyway, everyone take care and hope to be chatting with you all soon.


Sub: #9 posted on Thu, 08/21/2008 - 07:33

2nband 2nband
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Karen, I am so sorry. You will be in my prayers, along with your baby tomorrow. I know the gut wrenching hurt, even though you know it will be best for them.

I am sorry about your aunt, sounds like she is getting away from him just in time.

Hang in there, we are all here to help and support you. Post or Pm when you can, you are in my prayers.karen :hug:

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Bossy4455 Bossy4455
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