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I'm sure you've all come across this one in looking for a loan with less than perfect credit - Abacus.

Has anyone dealt with them? I know they charge about $39 for their service. But they guarantee that they can put you in touch with a loan provider regardless of your credit.

Too good to be true? I am very skeptical. But I will say this much, I haven't found too much that is negative about them yet. And they seem to have been in biz for quite some time now.

Thanks for your comments!

Two words - RIP OFF. Don't spend your $39 because they can't do anything for you, been there done that. One of the places that will lead to you is American General Finance and another one is Citifinancial who you can apply for on your own. Save your $39.

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CycloneFan CycloneFan

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Been there, done that. THey give you a list of names to apply for loans. Wells Fargo Financial, Citifinancial, American General and places like that. Then when you apply and if you are denied for the loans and submit 3 denial letters they are suppose to refund your money. I have yet to get my refund from close to a year ago.

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Not so Lucky Not so Lucky

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Same here - I never got anywhere with them. Applied for American General on my own - wish I never did all these personal loan companies are high in interests just like the PDLs!!

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oh2benc2 oh2benc2

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I knew this was the place to ask. Thanks for your help.

I have experience with the other companies that you mention.

CitiFinancial - Forget them if you've ever filed a bankruptcy. They won't touch you.

American General - If you have any type of debt consolidation going on, they won't help you until it's complete. They are okay with a bankruptcy, as long as it's not brand new.

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donnab632 donnab632

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Hi I'm new. Great forum. Just found it on Yahoo. Thank u 4 the Awesome community we have here :)

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You made some good points there. I did a search on the matter and found most folks will go along with with your blog.

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