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I am currently in works with T&C to pay off my PDL's and i am having the hardest time with them. I haven't recieved any calls from them saying what's going on. I spoke with Jessica yesterday and she was really nice and then i called in today and they didn't have any clue who she was and the lady was a total bitch to me. they are telling me to get the addresses for these places and i can't get them. i just can't seem to get ahead and i don't know what to do! Plus i have the companies calling me, trying to get me to make settlements with them that i cannot afford!

please help!

They did the same to me. I had to do the research for addresses, numbers. It was like pulling teeth just to have them place calls for me. I had to call and check up on them through out the week to make sure everything was ok. Wasn't very happy. But, on the other hand, some people love them. So, I guess it is up to the individual

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KittieKat KittieKat

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That is strange that they said they did not know who Jessica was. Were you dialing the number for established clients not the number where people call for info? When I first started with them, I had to do a lot of calling also. But when I said I couldn't get some addresses, they said just get what you can.

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Lorri Lorri
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Oh I have a feeling I know who you talked to yesterday that was a total bitch and amazingly enough she's a supervisor. I've been there, done that with her and now I don't and won't talk to her. What company addresses do you still need? If you post them on here more than likely someone will have them. I have had only good experiences with T&C except for that one person.

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CycloneFan CycloneFan

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thank you all for the help. the places i need addresses for are:
Geneva roth ventures
one step
platinum b services
bahamas marketing group
international cash services

thank you all for your help. i greatly appreiate it!

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AmandaB AmandaB

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Unfortunately I cannot help you on any of those but how about others?? Come on, I know some of you have those addresses out there, let's help a friend out. :)

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CycloneFan CycloneFan

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thank you sue!

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AmandaB AmandaB

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You're welcome, let's hope someone with these addresses reads this. :)

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CycloneFan CycloneFan

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I don't have any of those sorry. I know in the beginning when I started with T&C I called them almost every day sometimes twice my phone bill was very high. I never have spoken to a rude person so far. Jessica is very nice and so is Fay ( I get her in the evenings and we have a conversation once in awhile This was a night they were going to have very bad thunderstorm and tornado warnings out I guess Fay wanted someone to talk to - I guess it depends how busy they are. I very rarely have to call T&C now unless I get a call from a creditor or pdl.

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oh2benc2 oh2benc2

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I got the most success with addresses on the BBB site (better Business Bureau). I just looked up OneClickCash and they have 2 listings so your going to have to do some investigating work to decide which one. If you have difficulty with the rest then touch base with me again and I'll see what else I can do.

just cut and paste

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c_stephanie c_stephanie

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Well i just spoke with Jessica again, and i am very pleased with her,she has been helping me out very very much!!!! I have additional addresses i need..... please let me know if you have them, so the proposal's can get to the companies.

-International cash services
-platinum b services
-bahamas marketing group
-one step cash. com
-cash by 4
-cash net 500
-geneva roth ventures
-cash advance network

thanks for all your support and help!

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AmandaB AmandaB

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