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I believe that I'm a victim of Identity theft and the worse part about it is, I think I know who uses my identity to obtain a credit card in my name....
Back in May 2001, I left the U.S. for a period of 6 months. Prior to leaving, I forwarded all my mails over to a good friend of mine's house, told her to put my letters away for me and when I get back to the U.S. I will collect them, she agreed.

I came back after the 6 months and all my credit card statments were out of the envelopes, well highlighted with how much I owe etc. So evidently she opened my mail. I let that pass, didn't make a big scene out of it or anything. I know by me leaving I wasn't current with making any cc pmts so i knew that all this info would be on my credit report.

Now 5 Yrs later, I'm married have a little girl and is expecting another one. I decided that now is the time for me to clean up my credit and try to get a home for my new family. After going over my credit report, I saw one credit card by premier bank, knowing full blown that I've never opened an account with them. I called the collection Agency yesterday who was reporting this on my report and ask about the debt. Rep told me this account was opened back in Aug 2001. Immediately that put up a red flag, I told the rep that i wasn't even in the U.S. in aug 2001, so i started asking for more info, such as the address used to obtain this credit card etc. said i needed to send a letter to request all that info, because she was limited on what information she can give me.

My question is, would I need to send out a validation letter to the CA? or just write a regular letter asking for specific information? I was thinking of sending a copy of the letter to the original creditor as well. I would also like to press charges against this so-called friend of mine, should i do that before getting the info from the CA and original creditor? I'm even thinking of taking this up in a small claims court. Any informatin you guys can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

You can report this as fraud to the credit bureaus. But be prepared to report your friend, and your friend can get in a LOT of trouble. But my thought is, if he/she was really your friend, they wouldn't have done this to you. REPORT IT!

Have proof prepared that you were out of the country and could not have opened the account. The more info you have about why this is fraud the better.

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Jessi Jessi

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Wow, a lousy thing to do to a friend. I'm really sorry this happened to you. How could she not know you'd find out? Have you confronted her?
I would think you need to send the validation letter first..Obviously you know it's valid, but in pressing charges you're going to need every miniscule piece of evidence you can so she really gets slapped hard. What about statements...Can you contact the original creditor and get those, they can also get receipts from the transactions she made, with your signature that she forged on it.
Good luck with this, It really sucks that you have to go through it.

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finsfan13 finsfan13
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First. Call your local Police Department and file a police report. Yeah, you may have to drop the dime on the friend, but she apparently didn't give your well being much though when she stole your Identity.

Second. Call all three credit bureaus and place a Temporary fraud alert on your files. If any one attempts to open any new accounts in your name, they business will have to contact your directly to verify you are the one actually trying to open the account.

Third. Pull your credit reports from all FOUR national credit bureaus. Look them over for ANY accounts you don't recognize and dispute them as being fraudulent. You may need the police report to back up your dispute.

Fourth Sign up for a credit monitoring service. Equifax seems to have the best out there. They charge $129.00 for 12 months, but it would be a worth while investment.

If you don't already have it, check into purchasing Identity theft insurance I know Allstate offers it as a rider on their home owners policies, and maybe on renters policies. Zander Insurance offers a free standing policy very similar to Allstate's for about $70 a year.

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Clay's right..If this "friend" was shady enough to get a credit card in your name, who knows what else she's done with your id.

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finsfan13 finsfan13
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Thank you Jessi, Finsfan and Clay for your response.
I'll definitely take the advice that you guys have given me. I can't wait to see the look on her face when she recieve the summons to go to court. YOu best believe i'll be reporting this to the police. I guess i'll wait first for the CA agency and original creditor to send me some information on this account. In the meantime I will be searching for my passport and other documents that will prove i was out of the country.

I'll keep you guys posted.
P.S. Finsfan, no i didnt confront her about it because I know she will only deny having done so, but the truth will all come out, it may take some time to get everything together to file my case in civil court, but she is going DOWN.

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work_athome_mom work_athome_mom

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Clay, who is the 4th Reporting agency?

Thank you.

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It's amazing what "friends" will do for you...and to you...and by you. Sheesh.

Sorry to hear about your probs with the ID theft, but ya gotta be VERY careful about who gets your information these days. I may be getting hit again, soon, with ppl trying to use my information due to the recent loss of information by the VA. :roll: Oh well, back to the trenches...

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CodeRed CodeRed

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Hey John,
thanks for responding to my post. Yes it's amazing what friends can do to you... but they aren't friends to begin with. Don't need ppl like that in my life. Hope no one tries to use your information, do u have the fraud alert set up, so you'll know if someone does?

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work_athome_mom work_athome_mom

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Yes, I do. I actually use the experian one, and I get the alerts when I need to. Don't necessarily like what I've been seeing, but forewarned is forearmed, yanno?

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Uh...Guest above is me...forgot I had to be logged in to reply as myself! *what a knucklehead*

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CodeRed CodeRed

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