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previouse question:I recently posted a question.."Would you be able to help with Short term cash loans.(payday loans) I.E quickpayday, fast cash services ?" I apolgize for not making myself more clear..My question is if you have short term loan debt to pay off from one of the above places, does your program help to pay off those types of debt as well?

It is nice to meet you over the forums.

We studied your query well. Now we must inform you, that a debt consolidation program consolidates all type of debts. It will help you to get rid of debts much faster as you will be paying affordable monthly payments, which will be modified, according to your needs.

Hello Peter, thankyou for your response. I have another question regarding the short term loans I was asking about. They are currently not in the collection stage, but I would still like to get rid of them and put them under this program. Currently, the payments that I pay to these places are taken directly out of my bank account (electronic transaction) If i enroll in the program, will they stop taking out of my account? If so, how can i assure that? also do you help with back, unpade taxes? Thankyou so very much for your service and responses!!

Hi rishardshelton

It is nice that you have made your positive move towards getting yourself free from debt soon. If your bills are not gone to the collection agencies then you can get your bills paid directly to the creditors through the debt consolidation program.

When you have taken these accounts in the debt consolidation program, all your electronic payments will stop from your bank account.

Please discuss about the unpaid taxes with the consultant who will be able to guide you properly.

If you have further doubts, please do let us know and we will assist you in the right direction.


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roxette roxette

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Hi Richard
Welcome back to the forums.

Whether your short-term loans are in the collection stage or not is irrelevant for you to be registered in the debt consolidation program. You can always get yourself registered in a debt consolidation program to get rid of debt. This site also has a sign up form.

Once you are in the debt consolidation program all the current payments from your electronic account will stop. You should give proper instructions to the banking authorities and they will stop drawing money from your electronic accounts.

I am not sure whether this site provides any sort of help for back or unpaid taxes. Please call the representative of this company in the toll free number given in the top of the home page (877-NO-DEBT-8).I hope they will take care of all your problems.

Hope to hear from you soon

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peter peter

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