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Atlanta-based Choicepoint clearinghouse declared that some amount of the personal data was exposed. I also heard that few of my Californian friends got mail telling them that the important information in question may have belonged to them. Shocked but it is true.

Nothing is safe :D :D until you are not with Mr Tintin and snowy.

Choicepoint whats that? Is it a big issue.

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ChoicePoint is a data warehouse holding some 19 billion records obtained from government, insurance and business sources.

Is it a big issue.

Yes, this is a perfect example of Identity theft at large scale. There were 50 companies who were given a password and login Id to play with private data. This happened sometime last year and again the story is repeated.

As I said nothing is safe untill ....


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BlogTintin BlogTintin

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In order to save the people from such crimes, The Department of Justice prosecutes all the cases of identity theft and fraud under a variety of federal statutes. The Congress passed one act called "The Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act" which prohibits a person from intentionally transferring or using others' identity without lawful authority. These Federal prosecutors work along with other federal investigative agencies such as The Federal Bureau of Investigation or The United States Secret Service to prosecute identity theft and fraud cases.


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roxette roxette

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I just realized now that I have become ???Debt Samaritan??? in this forum. When will I be winning those 100 bucks? :D


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Hi Roxette,

Debt Samaritans are people offering help out of their own free will and we highly respect and appreciate them.

$100 is judged independently of your ranks. The member who posts comparatively more and useful posts in the respective week will win the $100.

I see many more have joined the race for $100, keep going and let's help others in times of trouble.


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