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Congress finally paying attention to Identity theft

Submitted by benjaminz6 on Sat, 06/18/2005 - 06:43
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Last Thursday, the senate help a meeting to discuss ways to fight Identity theft. According to the Kansas City Star, the Federal trade commission wants congress to consider more protections.

They suggested that lawmakers look to strengthening laws that govern the way that companies store and use sensitive consumer data. This would be beneficial considering the fact that many of the recent security breaches occurred at data processing warehouses. This would also benefit consumers because it would give us a stronger legal basis to sue the companies who handle our information negligently.

Also, the FTC suggested that there needs to be a law requiring companies to inform consumers whenever a security breach occurs.

Senators Nelson and Shumer introduced another bill that would require notification and higher security standards. Shumer said that he would impose fines of up to $1,000 for each consumer violated.

*info from Kansas city star

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