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RBC Centura Security breach. 10,000 are at risk

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I was reading an article and I found out about another security breach involving debit/credit cards at a credit card processing center. It seems like every week there is something new.

In this case, RBC notified 10,000 customers that they are at risk for credit fraud. The information of 10,000 customers was stolen when computer hackers hacked the credit card data processing company. The breach supposedly affects consumers in five states.

A bank spokeswoman has said that 40 customers have already reported suspected fraudulent withdrawals from their accounts. According to the spokeswoman, they wont be held responsible for these fraudulent transactions.

The stolen information included customers' debit card numbers, card expiration dates and PIN numbers. Consumers are advised to change their cards. The company said that it has a fraud detection system to monitor suspicious activity.

These ongoing security lapses reinforce the need for the pending legislation that would require banks and financial institutions to report any security breaches to its consumers. Consumers need to be aware of the extent and seriousness of the problem.

Hi benjaminz6

Thank you for this great piece of information.It will be extremely for the community members and especially to those who are not aware about this company. The community members will take precautionary measures after going through this piece of information. They will be much more aware when they will go to a credit card processing center.

Thanks once again for this valuable information.


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