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I have been planning on filing and am now unsure what to do. I have approx $30 in CC debt and i am not current on any of them as i planned on filing for BK. I had retained an attorney in SC but have since moved and they are no longer doing BK's. I had plenty of time to file so i dont blame them. They said i would not be eligible for CH 7 since i am single and make pretty good company. Should i try to file CH 13 or look into a debt consolidation company? And are there any debt consolidation companies that would accept me since i am not current on any account? I am ready to move forward and get back on track. What are my options if i dont file BK?

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I have already answered your question in the following URL: l

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peter peter

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Welcome to the forums. I hope that you recover from your present financial situation very soon. But I would never suggest you to file for bankruptcy as it is a definite negative remark which will remain in your credit report for a period of 10 years. This will further create financial difficulties in acquiring new credit.

Alternatively, I feel that you should think about settling your debts with your creditors. Although it is a last resort before filing bankruptcy but it has less devastating effects than filing bankruptcy.

The creditors will settle your past debts with one single reduced amount and working it with a debt consolidation program will involve professional help. Settlement will help you to reduce your debt by 30% to 60% and it will provide you the flexibility to repay your debts within your chosen time span.

Thus, a debt settlement program will help you to combatively improve your credit rating within 2 to 4 years than filing for bankruptcy.

You can acquire more knowledge about the debt settlement program by reading this page.

The consultant will do the needful negotiations with your creditors and you will be offered easy monthly installments which will be suitable to your present financial position. At any point of time later, if your financial position improves, you can contribute more to clear this debt faster.

Please let me know if I can offer some more help about this.


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roxette roxette

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