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I filed for bankruptcy 2 years ago due to taking a disability retirement from work because of injurys from an auto accident. It has since been discharged and it was hard to lose my good credit through no fault of my own. My wife and I have received 3 credit cards since, one each from Orchard Bank, Household Bank and First Premier Bank-(Charges a maintenance fee of 6.00 a month) to try and rebuild our credit to a respectible point. Recently we have received applications from ASPIRE and legacy visa. These cards charge a huge amount just to open the account, leaving you with little or no credit left on the card to use because of the fees. Are these Legit cards and has anyone actually gotten any of these cards. Any advice would be appreciated. Rich from the BURG. GO STEELERS !!!!!

Nixiejen, as you have filed for bankruptcy, it is necessary that you take every step to rebuild your credit.

At this point of time, if you open a new credit account, it will be considered as an inquiry and it will reduce your credit scores. Make sure that you try every possible way to improve your credit scores.

Moreover, the lender who will be giving you the credit will be interested in seeing your payment history. Your filing for bankruptcy will not cause any hindrance if you have been able to make payments to your debts regularly and in good pattern. So, your credit history will be studied very deeply before they provide you new credit.

Now, considering your debts, you can combine them into one loan amount and you will be offered low monthly payment at lower rate of interest. All the debts will be paid to your creditors in easy monthly installments and at lower rate of interest.

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