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:x this letter is for ellis crosby and associates to read and also all the people in the same situation i've been drawn into. my wife took a payday loan out for 300.00 dollars, with having all the intentions to pay it back, but our bank had an error through there computer system (not only ours) and did not let a second payment go thru. within 4 days platinum b services has sold the account to ellis crosby and associates. on july 22, 2005 i received a call from a ms. valentine she was calling to inform me that her company was having 2 felony charges brought against me at 4:00 pm today unless i pay 800.00 dollars. at first i said please explain yourself a little more i was not aware of none of these actuation's but the next voice i heard was a man named richard who came on the phone and threatened me repeatedly and said i should seek an attorney because he was, i was going to be arrested and charged with a crime. he then said to me that he had noticed who i was payed by, and then asked a couple questions about that, i replied that i was active duty military, he then said to me that he was retired military and that i was a disgrace to the public and anyone who wore the armed forces uniform due to my action's and then hung up the phone. and of course at this point i was hot, one thing i want this man to know about me is that i have worn my uniform with pride and still ware it today with pride. i called back and this is what i got when one other employee picked up at this company who identified himself as an investigator i think his name was wanyeberg but not certain. this guy is a piece of work, he stated to me that he would see to it that i never was able to where my us navy uniform again, "well ---hole bring it on" it seems to be that this company is able to point out all the wrongs we are so called doing but failing to realize that they have been suspended from working any further, for all the laws they have broken, but they are still trying to take advantage of people, geuss what ellis crosby and associates you have met your match, my goal is to pay the company back that my wife borrowed money from and take you to court for harassasment, false statements, threats and several other items yet to be disclaimed. mr steele what is the definition of conversion theft, not something my wife or i have committed, conversion theft is defined as receiving us currency from someone with the intent of not paying it back. well we payed one payment so that is out the window for conversion theft. we want to pay our loan off, but nothing i mean nothing more!! i have contacted a collection attorney who is going to eat ellis crosby and associates for an all day meal. i have contacted several agencys and made several reports for there actions and there continuous actions. after making one of these reports to the state, i was directed to call the company back and let them know of my actions. i then was told by an associate there that i was on the path of phone harassment and not to call back, and then was hung up on. to all that read this and all who have a problem with this company, lets run them out of business and also out of town. signed jcd

Is Platinum B working with you after selling your account? I called them and couldn't get anything but a message stating that they sold my account.

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mdow315 mdow315

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I am not sure yet. I have not been able to speak to anyone directly. Once I find out, I'll update.

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wispencer wispencer

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Wispencer - I am glad that you have been able to feel yourself stronger while interacting with Ellis people.

I strongly believe that if we are well informed and take responsibility in every sphere of our life, then we can't be misled in anyway. Be it Ellis or anyone else!!

By the way, thanks goes to this website greatly because it is the noble work of debt consolidation Care who has made us aware of every legal issue.

I was in some debt, was looking for one easy repayment, found this site, got registered free of cost, and then one skilled consultant acted as an angel in my life. He really pulled me out from where I would never have been able to recuperate. I am in the completion of my program and see my credit file nicely reshaped.

It is very hard to find a suitable company and when a company like this is able to ease my financial conditions, I really feel blessed.

Sincere thanks once again to Debt Consolidation Care.

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ben ben

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A good link to read about Ellis Crosby and Associates

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Has Crosby Ellis followed through on their threats?

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no they have not! on ANY that im aware of

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