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tryin to determine what an amount of debt is associated with as it was on my credit report and I know nothing about it.


If you looked at your credit report online you can dispute any charge on there, as well as leave a comment for credit bureau, and company.

You'll receive a letter in the mail, either from the company or from the credit bureau stating the investigation results. This is usually the same thing as a validation request.

If you didn't do the report online, you can call the customer service number associated with the credit report.

Just remember that if you call the company directly, do not give them your ssn#. They'll say well if it's on your credit report then we have it. Sometimes items can be put on with just a name and address/location.

Let us know if this information helps.


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Teleport Teleport

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Hi Patrice

Welcome to the forums. If you are suspecting identity theft, you can use preventive steps to safeguard your identity.

Inform the credit bureaus to activate 'Fraud Alert' in your credit file. Doing this, no one will be able to open new accounts or misuse your credit. The creditors will have to seek permission from you in writing before a new account opens in your name.

You can also send letters to the credit bureaus and the creditors specifying the entries which you suspect. Thorough investigations will be conducted and if no record is found, it will be erased from your credit file.

Prevent your credit cards, don't give your social security number to anyone, keep check on the merchants who use your credit cards for swiping are some of the preventive steps you can take from losing your financial identity.


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roxette roxette

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How can you get a credit report for a 5 1/2 year old? We rec'd a letter from a lawyer yesterday stating our son was involved in an accident... i'm concerned,

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Your son's name might be similar to the actual person who is involved in the accident. This might be a mistake done by the company while entering the data of that particular person. Send a photocopy of your son's birth certificate to the company and request them to keep him away from this matter as he is just a minor.

Sub: #4 posted on Sat, 10/08/2005 - 10:15

ben ben

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On Aug 30,2005,Asset Acceptance won a judgment against me for an account they bought from First USA Bank. This account was opened in 1973 by someone else who had the name I had between the years1975-2001. I think that Accept Acceptance and First USA bank are using me as a scapegoat for somone else. Can I overturn this judgment done in FL?

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momfrog momfrog

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Ben is absolutely correct, 802Lynn...this is unfortunately a very common occurence. Although it's a bit comical, it's a pain in the butt nonetheless. Ben's advice is right on the money and should get things cleared up!

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Lindsey Lindsey

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I didn't understand why the other person was allowed to use credit in your name. If that person is contacted today for this debt, there is every chance that he will be ignoring it.

If this is a case of identity theft, contact the fraud department of the three bureaus and inform them about this incidence. Also, you should file a police complaint. Send your affidavit to the bureaus. Once you get the report from the bureaus, you can show it to Asset Acceptance and get things sorted out.

Make sure that you will have to take every step legally to keep yourself out of this matter. If you have the legal documents from the bureaus, then only you will be able to dispute this judgment.

Sub: #7 posted on Mon, 10/10/2005 - 14:08

ben ben

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I would like to know where to start. Getting credit reports or calling them to put a fraud alert on her name & SS#? When we tried to pull it up online, it says there is a mortgage loan under her name & number dated November 2005. She was only 15 then. Help!

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I have found that nobody took me seriously until I filed a police report. you can call the credit burueas, explain your situation, have them flag your account and you can get a free credit report where you can dispute it.

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bea2ls bea2ls
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