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:( I recently found out my ex wife of 5 yrs has been using my name and soc sec# along w/HER husband and Her address to obtain mortages, gasoline cards, car insurance etc etc. I have a hardcopy of my transunion credit report and ITS ALL There! finally ID thieft w/all agencies avaliable and filed w/the police so I have a report #.

HOWEVER-what concerns me now is I have something filed w/ asset acceptance llc from Warren MI for COLLECTIONS w/my name and HER home address. I have no clue what it could be and the credit report doesnt give enuff info so I need to call then asset acceptance LLC directly and hate to do that.

ADVICE??? :cry:


In order to anything cleared out of your name, you'll need to file a police report. You must show them any information that proves the debts are not yours. Keep the police report, and any new items that show up on your credit file will need to be disputed. You might also want to add a 100 word personal statement. Any time you speak with a new collection agency, ask for validation of debt first. After figuring out the debt is not yours, you may include the 100 word personal statement in a correspondence with them, along with the police report. This may put your ex wife in jail, but it is the only way you can get it cleared from your file.

Very rarely do I ever see people on Peoples Court or Judge Judy who take ex spouses to court. They usually just end up filling criminal charges.


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Teleport Teleport

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Write a letter to the fraud department of the credit bureau with proof of your name, address, place where this criminal activity took place, police affidavit and all other evidences that proves the crime.

Your credit file will be monitored very closely by the bureaus. Any mischievous activity taking place in your credit account will immediately come under attention and the suspect will be caught.

Contact the lenders that are appearing in your file. Explain them that you have been a victim of identity theft and the accounts do not belong to you. Once the creditors and the collectors have reviewed the papers, you will be free from all the problems.

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david david

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I found some suspicious stuff on my credit report several weeks ago. Have done all the legwork... police report, FTC complaint, lots of copying and mailing and faxing of paperwork. Funny, the addresses used were all in Herkimer, NY... somewhere I haven't lived in 20 years. Just happens to be my ex-wife's hometown... think she only left that town for a few months once. Of course, it could be a coincidence that someone in that small town used my name, DOB and SS# to rent an apartment, get phone and cable service, and obtain credit cards... sure.

Anyway, I have a fraud alert with the credit bureaus but it is the temporary one. I can have a freeze placed with the bureaus but would that be any more helpful that placing a "permanent" fraud alert? Just how much diligence does a fraud alert get you? Seems to me that not all businesses are going to check with the credit bureaus before doing business with you.

I also get the feeling that if the company's losses are rather small, they are more likely to write things off than pursue the issue. Regardless, I can be glad that I caught it rather early and was hit with a myriad of charges and accounts. Still, after 20 years of looking over my shoulder I would love ex-wife being somewhere even for a short time just to not have to worry about what she is going to pull next, lol.

Abused, all I can say is do the legwork. It is not alot of fun talking to some of those people but it is the only way you are going to clean the mess up. One option the credit bureaus offered is to block view of accounts relating to the fraud, don't know if that would help. One thing you might think about, to be sure that you have everything now, is filing a change of address so that all "your" mail comes to where you are now. Good luck, man... karma will work in your favor if you deal with things from the higher moral ground.

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Fraud alert can be placed in your file for 7 years also. Blocking the accounts from further use will detect the criminal activity quite easily. If the account is kept active, any person can try to get credit using your SSN#. However, it is necessary for the creditor to get legal confirmation from you before extending credit.

I will prefer not to use these accounts anymore since there might be a high risk anytime later.

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david david

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You need to visit the FTC site and obtain a ID Theft Affidavit, complete the paperwork have it noterized and send copies to the credit reporting agencies as well as the collection agency - you need to call them first to ask for the fraud department address so you can send in the info.

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Pammila Pammila

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You need an attorney NOW [color=red]Link deleted as per forum rules-Mike[/color]

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