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I have 13 payday loans totaling around 3700 that will be due March 10th. I was relying on a loan of 9000 that I was supposed to get, but after doing some research and coming to this site, I realized that i was scammed by nationwide express loans out of my $281 money order that i sent out. They sent me official loan documents with the lender IPC inc. and it all looked real to me so I sent the money out, but after reading about Alliance Funding, i realized I had been scammed. Now i have no idea what to do, I have $3700 worth of payday loans coming up in less then 2 weeks, most of which I cant afford to pay. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

Hi! I have already sent you the information on the payday loan consolidation company. Check your private message, please.

Talk to your lenders and inform them that you are using a consolidation company to pay off the accounts. They might reject your proposal working with the consolidation company in the beginning. Don't be shaken, they sound that way. But after a couple of payments are sent to them, they become normal.

Let your consultant do the actual negotiations with the lenders. The company might add up some default charges in the beginning of the process but later, it can be wiped off.

Be sure to send the monthly installments set in the program. Do not hurt the plan otherwise you will miss some of the benefits that can be extended in later course of time. Keep in touch with the consultant and pay off the debt as soon as possible. You will be achieving your target to become debt free as you keep making the payments.

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david david

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I went into debt consolidation with my payday loans two months ago. It is a big relief once the ball gets rolling. David gave you some great advice :D

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Cow & Chicken Cow & Chicken

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please help me with payday loans, I have gotten into a bind with about 3200 in payday loans drafting the acct which is causing nsf's which is taking most my check. This has cause a chain reaction every pay period I can no longer do this PLEASE HELP me with any sugeestions or a lead to a consultent in payday loans relief.

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Hi Susanne

Please signup with this site and then forum members can PM you some useful information.


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Alex_Zee Alex_Zee

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i would contact Town & Country for debt consolodation. they seem to have a good reputation in the forums. im hopefuly going to get started with them this week or so. give them a call and just talk to them. once you sign up i can pm u the info.

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fka fka

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I've just asked Mishele to send the info on them. Thnak You

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leteaglesfly leteaglesfly

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I know when I combined all of my payday loans it felt like a big weight was lifted off my shoulders. Good Luck!

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landrylou landrylou

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I have called TC and they are sending me my paper work this week, i will send off payment, Should I put a stop payment on the intrest of my payday loans that are suppose to hit this week? Or should I wait until the TC company contacts them. I am very low on money and i was wondering when the best time to get a new acct. number and put stop payments on the PDL lenders

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Close your bank account as soon as possible. Make sure to let the bank know what checks haven't cleared yet and allow funds for that and have the bank block the payday lenders from withdrawing from your account. Once all checks have cleared you can open another account. Some banks will go ahead and set up a new account.

Sub: #9 posted on Fri, 03/10/2006 - 19:55

Not so Lucky Not so Lucky

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hi i've been reading your comments and it sounds perfect for me also. but how do go abouts getting set up with these people. can you give me a number or website

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