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well, as you all know, I went into a debt consolidation program. I put my (Dell) Oxford accounts on it and my wells fargo account. As you all may remember. This wells fargo account has been a pain in the butt too. I have wrote them for the past year trying to get them to talk to me. I have paperwork two inches deep from me writing them letters all certified return receipt. I had another account with wells fargo that i paid off in january. so I started pushing hard towards getting something worked out on this one. I finally heard back from wells fargo. They wrote me like a three page letter and seemed very nice about it. They gave me the information of who to contact in their collection department to arrange payments. Right away, I sent out a letter, and a proposal, certified return receipt to get something going. I never heard anything back.

Over the weekend, I get a call from national action. didn't know what they wanted. The guy was rude. So I faxed them a letter telling them to NOT call me at home. written correspondence ONLY. And I mailed two letters out to their office in new york and their office in Georgia (copies of the fax) telling them no phone calls.

Today I get a letter in the mail from National Action. They have my wells fargo account. I had to call my debt consolidation people and talk to them about what to do next. They had the info on who to contact at wells fargo. I wasn't sure if we were to still contact wells fargo or national. They are going on with National, so I had to give them the info so they can contact them. this scares me. I stayed up late last night reading up on national. NOT GOOD, not good at all. The letter they sent me today was a demand for payment IN FULL and anything less is unacceptable. **and just like they said on the internet, if you get a letter from them, it will be written in ALL CAPS. and it was.

wonder why wells fargo did this? did they maybe find my proposal unacceptable? and rather than write me back with what would have been, they sent it to these ruthless 'so and so's'. I read horror stories about these people last night. They are one of the worst collection agencies to deal with. Bud Hibbs says on his site, NOT TO DEAL with them because thats how bad they are.

I guess I need to hold on tight---its going to get bumpy. freedom point is offering them $50 a month. If these guys are as bad as what I read they are, this will just make them mad.
anyone deal with national action---they are part of sitel or citel (think I spelled that right)
thanks, shirley

Shirley, I don't knwo anything about these guys, but I would start documenting everything that happens in writing including phone calls, in a notebook. Since it soulds like they like to violate the fdcpa, I would do everything in my power to document violations. first thing I woul ddo is verify whether or not they are licensd to collect in your state, if they aren't then I would immediately file a complaint.

By starting off aggressively with them, you may actually get them to wirk with you, or at a minimum gather evidence of their tactics for use in a law suit

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jj jj
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thanks JJ. I was having a really good day today until I got the mail. I'm really ticked off at wells fargo. I spent a year trying to get them to talk to me...finally get a letter from one of the 'big wheels' thanking me for bringing all of this up to their attention and apologizing to me. I contact the guy they say to contact and now this!!! I had also asked them to investigate a money order that I sent that they said was not applied. I still have the stub and gave them the info. now what? write the guy back that wrote me the 'nice' letter and ask ????? why they sent it to collections and what about the money order investigation? or do I write national and dispute the amount because of the money order and let them know that wells fargo was suppose to be investigating the money order or again, is that for me to talk to wells fargo about?? I don't think I'm suppose to get involved now since the debt consolidation people are working it.

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imkimssister imkimssister

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First contact your consolidation company and talk to your counselor. I hope they can handle the situation.

This is very frustrating for you indeed. You tried to pay to WF but they did not honor your payment and your mails. However, don't panic. You know your rights very well and we all are here to support you. Do let us know what your counselor recommends.

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curlycarl curlycarl

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Big hugs to you curlycarl!!! thank you guys for always being here for me! I just can't wait to get the ball rolling with this debt consolidation program and hopefully everyone will cooperate. I am ready to get this nightmare over with!

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imkimssister imkimssister

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Curlycarl, they told me that they do not get involved in third party disputes and I would have to straight it out on my own possibly through a lawyer or council. So I'm guessing the I should write wells fargo and ask them about the investigation of the money order--and write this collection agency and let them know that I have an investigation going with wells fargo over the balance because of a money order that was never posted. I might end up biting the bullet on this--even though I've covered my tracks and saved all my paperwork and money order stubs.

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imkimssister imkimssister

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If I were you I would still try to deal with Wells Fargo. I have an account that went to Academy who are very unprofessional and I called the original creditor and told them how Academy was and asked that they deal with my consolidation company also and they agreed. Cover your bases and I'm sure it will work out, you know what you're doing.


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CycloneFan CycloneFan

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Good point Sue. If Wells Fargo has not sold the account yet, they might work with you. And most of the creditors (not payday people) are interested to work with consolidation companies.

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curlycarl curlycarl

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Thats exactly what I did. I faxed them and then mailed a copy of the fax to both of their corporate offices both in new york and in Georgia.
I also faxed them and told them the situation about the money order that wells fargo is suppose to be investigating. I will also mailed it to both corporate offices and am in the process of writing wells fargo and asking them, what the heck?? why they did me the way they did me on this and what about the missing money order that I haven't heard anything about.
Oxford is also getting a letter, because the Dell lady herself told me one of the accounts is showing a different balance than what oxford is showing and they are collecting for dell. Theres about a $200 difference in what the two are saying. so off we go with more letters. boy, what a pain in the butt!!

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imkimssister imkimssister

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As I remeber, when I worked for Protocol, all of the Wells Fargo accounts I worked were as wishy-washy as could be. I even helped one lady prove her payment in full by contacting the other agency that she paid to. She was very right!

Shirley, I hope Wells Fargo has done well to post every payment you made. They seem to be wrenching the crap out of you. If you haven't done so yet, bring them to the attention of the BBB and get them ding'd!

I think they really need to shape up!

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Jedi Mistress Ari Jedi Mistress Ari

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My husband's WellsFargo Business C. Card went into default about a couple months ago due to hardship (my medical bills and dad-in-law's). Amt owed is $25,000. We have tried unsuccessfully to work out a payment plan but the W. Fargo collection people demand immediate payment or, 10% payment /month or $1000 down and $19000 up front. Any alternatives besides debt consolidation with online companies which I find scary? Can W. Fargo put a lien on my husband's business (small auto repair shop) or our house or garnish wages? Do they have a Dept that we can work with..their collectors are extremely rude and threatening lawsuit already! Pls help!

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